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‘They Cannot Do Anything To You’ -Baxso Jaiteh Defends Seedy Njie

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Bakary Jaiteh, Executive Member of APRC 

By Buba Gagigo

Baxo Jaiteh, an executive member of the Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction (APRC) who are in coalition with the National People’s Party (NPP) has come to the defense of Seedy Njie saying; they will only talk but no one will do anything to him.

“I understand that the audio is more than three weeks, why today? NPP National Executive please try and love each other, you are the same mother and father. Understand each other because no one will ever get what is not meant for you. Help each other to support president Barrow. Why this audio today? This guy is young, talented, and intelligent. 

“From what I heard from the Press conference today, thank you Seedy Njie. They will shout and do all things but they cannot do anything to you because you are very sincere, honest, and dedicated and you love your country and president Barrow. Sometimes you cannot just keep quiet about the things that you see. We have a steak in NPP that’s why we sometimes come out and talk about them,” Baxo Jaiteh said.

Seedy Njie, the Deputy Spokesperson of the National People’s Party (NPP), responding to Dou Sannoh and others in their executive WhatsApp forum, described some of his party’s National Executives members as hypocrites.

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