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The Ministry of Health hereby urges all citizens and others residing in The Gambia to follow the precautionary measures recommended for the prevention and control of COVID-19.

Modou Njie
Director Health Promotions MOH


As Muslims around the World and in particular The Gambia celebrate the Eid Al Adha commonly known as ‘Tobaski’ on Friday the 31st day of July 2020, The Ministry of Health hereby urges all citizens and others residing in The Gambia to follow the precautionary measures recommended for the prevention and control of COVID-19.

The public is hereby reminded that, the Coronavirus spreads primarily by human to human through secretions of saliva and respiratory droplets which are produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, speaks or sings. Infections can also occur when contaminated surfaces are touched and then to the mouth, nose or eyes without cleaning the hands.

In marking the Eid celebration, the Ministry of Health calls for strict adherence to following measures:
a) Regular wearing of proper face mask preferably made of fabric when in public;
b) Hand washing with soap and water or use hand sanitizer regularly;
c) Avoiding, where necessary, crowds or observing physical distancing;
d) Avoiding hand shaking;
e) Avoiding closed and ill ventilated places; and
f) Taking thermal temperature as form of screening.

It is worthy to note that, a huge number of efforts have been made since the outbreak of COVID-19 by the Government of The Gambia and partners, communities and individuals which evidently indicated small number of reported cases in the first four months of the pandemic. The Ministry however, wish to clarify that the lifting of the state of public emergency does not suggest that the coronavirus has disappeared in this country nor does it highlight a decrease in reported cases, thus it is vital that we continue to remain committed and maintain this gain initially registered.

Moreover, the public is hereby reminded that, PUBLIC HEALTH (DANGEROUS INFECTIOUS DISEASES) PROTECTION REGULATIONS, 2020 has been promulgated and provisions enshrined in the Regulations empowers the Minister of Health to institutes strict measures as when and where necessary.

The success of slowing down or limiting the transmission or importation of the virus at first phase indicated the extent of cooperation by all members of the society. However, this may change if the recommended measures are not observed especially during this period of Eid celebration with its associated events such as social visits and other places that attract mass gathering. Undoubtedly, the wave of reported cases of COVID 19 will depend largely on public adherence to the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health and its international partners.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health in collaboration with its partners assure the general public that, appropriate, affordable and quality health service delivery will continue to be provided at all times without comprising the approved standards. The public is encouraged to call the Ministry of Health Toll-Free Number 1025 to report suspected cases of COVID-19 and related matters.
In conclusion, the Ministry of Health is soliciting the continuous support and cooperation of the general public in its efforts to contain COVID-19 and also in addressing health care needs of the population. The Ministry therefore appeal to the general public to adhere to the COVID-19 precautionary measures at all times.

Stay alert is one of the most powerful step in the fight against COVID 19, thus, to all those celebrating please stay safe and Eid Mubarak. Ministry of Health wish everyone an enjoyable and healthy Eid celebration.
Modou Njai
Director of Health Promotion & Education

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