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The Flawed Idea Of Politics And Democracy

Alagie Saidy Barrow Former Lead Investigator TRRC Gambia


If your idea of democracy is that “politics is all about numbers”, or that “all that matters in politics is power”, or your idea of democracy is that anything goes and everything is acceptable so long as it favors you, then perhaps you and I shouldn’t whine about anything or complain about anything political.

And if your version of “open door policy” is that anyone and anything can get in, then what’s the big deal? Let Satan get in too for he is also a citizen of Gambia even if we pretend he’s “alien” and that we care about what is right and wrong. And if your version of accountability is that “well, he apologized”, then what’s the big deal? I’m sure Satan will also apologize when he realizes that that’s all he has to do to be forgiven and accepted wholeheartedly! All we need is for someone to say “I’m sorry” and everything is forgiven. So what’s the big deal? If you don’t like what I write here, I am sorry too. Certainly you will forgive me too. But if not, samafoo!

Here’s an out for you; if something injures your principle or conscience, you do something about it. While complaining is all fine and dandy, I think we all know that complaining or expressing reservations mean nothing when you do nothing about that which offends your conscience.

The double standard of embracing while condemning the other and they are all in the same mold, only exposes the plainly hidden duplicity. It’s our version of democracy and politics after all, so what’s the freaking big deal? Let the chips fall where they may! Samafoo…

By Alagie Saidy Barrow

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