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SSHFC Distributes Iftar Essentials Valued at Half a Million Dalasi to Pensioners

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Saloum Malang, Managing Director SSHFC Presenting The Items To Their Pensioners 

By Ramatoulie Jawo 

In a compassionate display of support, the Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC) extended a helping hand to its pensioners by presenting Iftar essentials worth half a million Dalasi.

The heartfelt gesture took place on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, at the corporation’s headquarters in Banjul, underscoring a commitment to alleviate the challenges faced by retired individuals, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan.

The annual tradition saw SSHFC distribute crucial Iftar items to its pensioners, recognizing the financial strains many endure in their twilight years. Among the provisions offered were items such as rice, potatoes, cooking oil, sugar, onions, and tomato paste, aimed at easing the burden on elderly pensioners during Ramadan and Koriteh.

Saloum Malang, the Managing Director of SSHFC, emphasized the significance of the gesture, portraying it not merely as an act of charity but as a testament to the corporation’s enduring dedication to the welfare of its pensioners. Malang stressed the importance of ensuring that no member of the community should lack basic necessities, especially during sacred periods like Ramadan and Koriteh.

“It is our firm belief that during this sacred time, no member of our community should go without the basic necessities of life. Therefore, we have meticulously curated a selection of essential items, including bags of rice, sugar, onions, potatoes, cooking oil, and tins of tomatoes, to alleviate the burden on our bedridden pensioners for Ramadan and Koriteh,” he said.

He underscored the invaluable contributions of pensioners to the nation and reiterated SSHFC’s commitment to supporting them as cherished members of society. Malang also highlighted the corporation’s broader corporate social responsibility initiatives, which include supporting medical facilities and youth development programs, showcasing a holistic approach to community welfare.

“We have a long-standing tradition of supporting our community, whether it be through similar initiatives in the past, sponsoring medical facilities like the Ndenban Clinic with essential equipment, or backing our youth in endeavors such as the recent victory of the Gambia under-16 football team in Norway, Supporting Gambia’s participation in AFCON 2023, and Renovation Works at the Independent Stadium in Bakau-just to mention a few,” he said.

He stated that as they embark on this noble endeavor, let them remember the spirit of compassion and solidarity that defines the essence of Ramadan.

Alphonse Mendy, the Public Relations Officer of the pensioners’ committee, expressed gratitude for SSHFC’s ongoing support and hoped for the continuation of such initiatives. He emphasized the importance of remembering pensioners’ needs, particularly those who are bedridden and require additional assistance, reaffirming the significance of SSHFC’s gesture in demonstrating care and appreciation for the elderly members of society.

“We want this to continue because everyone who gathers here today, will one day be a pensioner just like us. And if you are bedridden, you will need more assistance. We cannot thank you enough for this good gesture, because those who are going to receive this item will know you have not forgotten about them, and they will feel that they are still important to you,” he said.

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