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Soldier who claims he attempted to save Fafa Nyang finished him


The November 11, 1994 executions of close to two dozen Gambian soldiers were believed to have been led by Peter Singhateh, Edward Singhateh, Sadibu Hydara, Sanna Sabally and Yankuba Touray.

WO2 Lamin Colley

WO2 Lamin Colley, a military medic who claimed before the Truth Commission that he has attempted to save Captain Fafa Nyang from a gunshot wound, has admitted on Wednesday that his bullet finished him.

Colley, however, said his shot was an “accidental discharge”. Colley was an army medic as of November 11, 1994, a day when about two dozen Gambian soldiers who reportedly attempted an overthrow of the junta were arrested and executed.

He was then at the Yundum Barracks where several soldiers, including Nyang, were killed. Colley said he heard a gunshot, took his gun and headed for the direction.

He claimed he has found Nyang on the ground with blooding coming from under him. And as he attempted to save him, his gun accidently fired a shot shattering Nyang’s left jaw.

Colley has already told the Commission that the gun could not have fired without a finger squeezing the trigger.

Meanwhile, previous testimonies have indicated that Colley has willfully shot Nyang but he denied that. Colley had earlier described the junta members who reportedly led the executions as a “wild fire”, describing Sanna Sabally as a “terrible person”.

And as at the time he ran to help Nyang, he appeared to have damned the consequences he would face if he was found helping a “traitor” in the eyes of the junta. And he said it was Sanna who ordered Nyang’s execution, shouting “get him”. It was also Sanna in his testimony who told him to get out of there, to stop helping Nyang.

In fact, Colley himself had said that he heard a voice asking him to leave Nyang alone, suggesting he was seen attempting to help him but nothing happened.

Commissioner Kinteh described his narration of events as not logical. It is a chargeable offense to lie to the Commission.

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