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Sierra Leone’s First Lady Reacts To Violent Protests

Her Excellency Fatima Maada Bio
First Lady of Sierra Leone
(Photo: Fatima Maada Bio)

The First Lady of Sierra Leone, Her Excellency Fatima Maada Bio has expressed her sadness over the violent protests in Sierra Leone, on Wednesday.

“I am sadden to see such unfortunate situation in Sierra Leone. We have come too far to be going backwards again as if we’ve not learnt our lessons from our 11 years of senseless war which is the course of all our situation today,” she said in a Facebook post Wednesday night.

The First Lady blamed the country’s politicians for the violent protests against the government of Julius Maado Bio, her husband.

“We keep allowing politicians to use our youths to cause havoc that will taint our country as unstable, but you never get to see the children of these politicians leading the protest because they forbid them from going out instead they used other people’s children,” the First Lady added.

Mrs. Maada Bio sent her sympathy to the bereaved families and prayed that Allah takes control and makes Sierra Leoneans continue to enjoy the peace they have as the 4th peaceful country in sub Sahara Africa.

“Peace is wealth let us maintain calm and address situations wisely.

“Violence of any kind is wrong, killing innocent people is wrong. We are all Sierra Leoneans please don’t forget and we have only Sierra Leone to call home. Let us be each other’s keeper,” she preached.

The Wednesday’s protests have left some dead and others injured due to clashes between the protesters and the security forces.

Reports said rise in the cost of living in the country fueled the protests in the capital and other parts.

The government has since declared a curfew across Sierra Leone in a bid to calm the protests.

The ECOWAS Commission has condemned the violence, urged all to obey the law, and called for the prosecution of those responsible for the violence.

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