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SG Lamin Jassey Congratulates New GFF Executive


President Bajo & The Newly Elected GFF Executive.

Dear Mr. President and the ExCo,

Please accept my warm congratulations on your victory and my best wishes for your success as you prepare to take up the responsibilities and challenges of your high office in the recently concluded GFF Extraordinary/Elective Congress. Every Extraordinary/Elective Congress of GFF is important. In that, it is not only an event for football stakeholders to participate in an election to constitute an Executive Council. But most importantly, it is an opportunity for stakeholders to assess and evaluate the performance of the Council in the past years. Thus, the congress is a significant accountability mechanism that gives opportunity to electorates to review progress, reflect on setbacks and to hold their elected leaders accountable. And clearly, the football stakeholders have demonstrated and expressed their will to that effect, and in a very transparent, free and fair election.

Mr. President, I can say without fear of contradiction that you are content for the high trust and confidence that has been reposed in you by the electorates, undoubtedly. Clearly, your triumph in the election is not only indicative of the above view, but beyond the surface, it reflects the desire and willingness of football stakeholders for continuity, steady and sustainable development of football in the Gambia. It is my hope that you would be guided by strong vision and foresight to discharge your functions in the manner consistent with the attainment of your overall objective as enshrined in your manifest thereto.

Mr. President and Exco, as you begin another four-year mandate, allow me to reiterate and declare to you the renewal of my utmost commitment, dedication and loyalty in not only performing and discharging the functions of the office of the General Secretary of GFF, but in particular, serving you to the best of my ability. Notwithstanding that is integral and implied in my functions and professional responsibilities.

As the General Secretary, Chief Executive Officer and head of the Secretariat, I look forward to working closely with you and your council to resume the progress we made in the past years, to renew hope and confidence in the advancement of football in the Gambia. The task may be enormous and mammoth but certainly, it has rested on the right shoulders. Supporting, assisting the coordination and implementation of your policies and manifesto are so vital to the realization of our newly shaped and shared vision to transform our country’s football.

Further, I understand that the successful implementation of every campaign manifesto is contingent on a number of factors including but not limited to designing proper implementation plans, strategic monitoring and evaluation mechanisms etc. Thus, rest assured of my unflinching commitment and support in furthering this cause as has been the case in the past years.

In the past few years, through our collective efforts and visions, built on strong collaboration, leadership and cooperation, fueled by our collective desire and determination, we have been able to accomplish a lot of significant milestones, probably greater than we could imagine. But that notwithstanding, I am convinced that there’s even more readiness and determination to not only maintain the bar, but to raise it higher as well.

Finally, Mr. President and Exco, allow me to thank each and every football stakeholder that participated in the congress and election. Your participation in the process clearly manifested your determination to see the development and advancement of football in The Gambia.

General Secretary/CEO
Gambia Football Federation

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