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Sanna Manjang:  No To Coalition Deputy Leader Is Intermediary Between Jammeh And I

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Sanna Manjang, former alleged Jungler of Yahya Jammeh

By Buba Gagigo

In a leaked WhatsApp audio message, Sanna Manjang, an alleged Jungler for former president Yahya Jammeh, revealed that the deputy leader of the APRC ‘No To Alliance’ faction is the intermediary between him and Jammeh.

“The Deputy Party Leader of “No To Coalition” is the intermediary between the big man and me. He is the one who conveys messages to the big man because he is very knowledgeable about security. He was a former soldier, so he knows security. Everything I do goes through him. I spoke to him, and he sent the message to the big man. Now we are waiting for the big man’s response.” Sanna said.

In the leaked audio, Sanna promised to forward any response he received from the “big man” (Yahya Jammeh) to the person he was talking to so that he could listen to it properly.

“If the big man responds, he will send his message to me, and I will forward it to you. Everything will remain confidential between the three of us. So please do not hesitate to share any information with me. I will make sure that you are safe. When the big man returns to the country, I want you to be safe. No one will be able to touch you, arrest you, or humiliate you. That is why I asked you to listen to the voice message that we will send to the big man. If he listens to it, he can call me. I do not want to call him directly. I will wait for him to call me so that I can tell him exactly how I want you to be safe. I know that will be the first thing he will ask. So please rest assured.” Sanna said.

Sanna Manjang is alleged to have belonged to the feared Jungler team that meted out torture and killings during the rule of former president Yahya Jammeh. He has been adversely mentioned at the Truth, Reconciliation, and Reparations Commission. He has been on the run since the fall of the former government.

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