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Saihou Mballow Says President Barrow Will Win 2026 Presidential Election

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Saihou Mballow, Presidential Adviser on Political Affairs

By Buba Gagigo

Saihou Mballow, the presidential adviser for political affairs, has made a forecast that President Adama Barrow will emerge victorious in the 2026 presidential election in The Gambia.

This prediction was shared by the presidential adviser during his speech at the inauguration of his party’s regional bureau in Wassu on Sunday.

“The amount of people that have turned out today, there is no doubt that in 2026, without any challenge, President Adama Barrow will win the presidential election. President Adama Barrow is bringing a political transformation to the Gambia that has never happened here, from the first republic to the second republic. To see a political party having its own bureau just like a compound where party supporters can gather and discuss started with President Barrow,” Saihou Mballow said.

Saihou Mballow asserted that one does not need to be a lawyer, doctor, or scientist to become a political leader, emphasizing that such a role is bestowed by a higher power.

“God has given President Barrow the task of looking at the future generation of Gambians, and even if he leaves, people will be benefiting in the Gambia. He has brought peace to the country, if you don’t do anything, nothing will happen to you. President Barrow doesn’t look at tribe or gender, he said whatever a Gambian should have, everyone should have it equally, and that’s the reason God put him in this position. That’s what Gambia needs right now—someone who doesn’t look at tribe, gender, or children but Gambians in general and everyone to benefit equally,” he said.

The presidential adviser emphasized to the opposition that the peace they desire can only be provided by President Adama Barrow.

“Opposition parties should know that it is only President Barrow who can be here and give them peace, no one will arrest them, no one will torture them, and no one will offend them. It is only President Barrow who can accept that for them. Yesterday, President Adama Barrow was UDP, he was their URR regional coordinator. There was a time that UDP couldn’t pay their rent in Basse; their bureau was seized, their chairs were seized, their books were taken, and it was president Barrow who paid for UDP to get them back,” he concluded.

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