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Redirecting Priorities: A Call For Responsible Leadership In The Gambia

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Kemo Bojang , Youth Councillor KMC

By Kemo Bojang

Amidst the backdrop of sorrowful losses and ongoing tragedies afflicting our nation, the President’s priorities have become a cause for grave concern. While Gambians mourn the loss of young lives to perilous journeys of irregular migration and grapple with the harsh reality of daily homicides, the President’s focus appears disturbingly misplaced.

At a time when our nation desperately needs leadership that prioritizes the well-being of its citizens, the President’s primary concern appears to be extending the lifespan of his political party. The construction of party bureaus, the acquisition of fleets of vehicles, and the purchase of prime land raise serious questions about the source of funds and the ethics of their utilization.

For a political party barely been in existence for five years, the sudden influx of resources raises eyebrows and demands answers. How can the NPP justify such lavish expenditures while the average Gambian struggles to make ends meet? It is high time for the President to come clean with the Gambian people and acknowledge the wastage of public funds on personal political ambitions.

With a youthful population brimming with potential, one would expect our leaders to invest in initiatives that foster economic growth and empower our citizens. Instead, the resources earmarked for political bureaus could be utilized to kickstart The Gambia’s Industrial Revolution. Imagine the possibilities – supporting fishermen and women to harness the full potential of our river, mechanizing agriculture to ensure food security, and equipping our youth with the technical skills needed to drive innovation and progress.

Yet, sadly, it seems that the President is out of touch with the realities facing our nation. In the face of rising insecurity, crime, hunger, and destitution, the NPP’s focus remains squarely on entrenching themselves in power. It is a tragic betrayal of the everyday Gambian who continues to bear the brunt of these challenges.

As we confront this heartbreaking reality, let us demand accountability, transparency, and a government that prioritizes the needs of its people above all else. Let us unite in our call for justice, equality, and dignity for all Gambians.

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