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‘Raped’, betrayed by people paid to protect them: Gambian girls’ story


Gambia’s former president Yahya Jammeh is accused of several crimes including torture and killings. Several people who were detained at the headquarters of the National Intelligence Agency have accused the agents of the intelligence agency of rape. Some said rape was a weapon of torture. However, what has so far not made headlines until recently is the alleged raping of several Gambian women by former president Yahya Jammeh.

Jammeh has created an image for himself in Gambia as a deeply religious person. In fact, the country’s Supreme Islamic Council once conferred on him a tittle call “Nasiru Deen”, meaning the leader of the people of faith.

But as Fatou (Toufah) Jallow would tell us, one alleged victim of Jammeh’s rape, that religious public image Jammeh showed is a mask of evil. Since the beginning of this week, several courageous women like Toufah have started speaking up in what seems like Gambia’s own version of “me too movement”. Toufah’s story is one too many. Fatoumatta Sandeng faces an almost similar situation.

On Friday, in the video below, Toufah and others shared their story.

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