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PPP expels Hon Touma Njie

Hon Fatoumata NJIE
Hon Fatoumata NJIE



th March 2021

Dear Hon. Fatoumata Njie,


1. In violation of article 32.2, 32.3, and 32.4 respectively of the PPP constitution which provides for the disciplinary actions against a member whose behaviour brings the Party into disrepute or which manifests a flagrant violation of the moral integrity expected of members or conduct unbecoming that of a member; 
2. Impeding the activities of the Party; 
3. Creating division within its ranks or membership
4. Commit an act that undermines the effectiveness of the Party;
5. Behaving in such a way as to provoke serious divisions or a break-down of unity in the Party; 
6. Undermining the respect for or impeding the functioning of the structures of the Party; 
7. Participating in organised factional activity that goes beyond the recognised norms of free debate inside the Party and threatens its unity. 
8. Fighting or behaving in any disorderly or unruly manner; 
9. Showing sexism, tribal bigotry, religious, insults, and political intolerance, or any form of discrimination; 
10. Deliberately disrupting meetings and interfering with the orderly functioning of the Party 

Your actions have proven gross and serious violations of the Constitution, principles, norms, and decisions of the Party. Consequently, acting on the recommendations of the National Disciplinary Committee, the National Executive Committee of the Party, regrets to inform you that you are expelled from the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) with immediate effect


Kebba E Jallow 

Secretary-General and Party Leader PPP.

CC. Speaker of the National Assembly of the Gambia 

Chairman Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)

National Administrative Secretary, PPP



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