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Police Investigator Reveals Ousainou Bojang’s Confession Of Discarding Murder Weapon While Fleeing

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Ousainou and Amie Bojang appearing in court

By Landing Ceesay

Ebou Sowe, the Sixth Prosecution Witness (PW6) in the ongoing murder trial of Ousainou Bojang (1st accused) and Amie Bojang (2nd accused), informed the court that the 1st accused, Ousainou Bojang, confessed to him that he threw away the murder weapon while on the run.

Mr. Sowe, a member of the Police Anti-Crime Unit residing in Sukuta, West Coast Region (WCR), recounted his involvement in the case, including visits to the crime scene and interactions with Ousainou Bojang.

During his testimony, Mr. Sowe detailed the events surrounding the shooting incident, explaining that he was at the Police Anti-Crime Unit in Banjulinding when the incident occurred. He described the initial information he received about three officers being shot and his subsequent actions upon arriving at the crime scene.

“Information was received that three personnel of the Police Anti-Crime Unit posted at Sukuta Jabang Traffic Lights were shot by an unknown person, and they are at the hospital. Upon receiving the information, I was part of the first respondents at the crime scene. I arrived at the scene at 21:45 p.m., and none of the victims were at the scene but were taken to the hospital.” Sowe testified.

According to Mr. Sowe, interviews with eyewitnesses, including the three soldiers involved, provided a description of the shooter as a tall and slim individual. The soldiers also handed over empty bullet cases found at the scene.

“As an investigator, a quick analysis was done and interviews were conducted with eyewitnesses; among them were the three soldiers, who described the shooter as a tall and slim guy. The three soldiers handed over two empty bullet cases that they discovered at the crime scene. When asked where was the shooter, they told me that they chased him, but he escaped through the first junction around the Sukuta end,” Mr. Sowe told the court.

When asked if he could recall the names of the soldiers he encountered at the crime scene, Mr. Sowe identified Bojang and Jatta, but was unable to recall the name of the third soldier.

In his court testimony, Mr. Sowe stated that he delivered two empty bullet cases to the Police Forensic Officer.

Mr. Sowe recounted being present at the crime scene until 5 am on the night of the incident.

Additionally, Sowe testified that on the day following the shooting, he revisited the crime scene to inspect the alleged escape route taken by the shooter.

On the subsequent day of the shooting incident, around 10:00 a.m., Mr. Sowe, accompanied by Forensic Officers, returned to the crime scene.

They thoroughly examined the escape route taken by the shooter and the unfinished building where the shooter was reported to have entered.

According to Mr. Sowe’s account, a footprint was discovered, prompting the notification of the Forensic Officers for further action.

He mentioned that, during the examination, the Forensic Team recovered an empty bullet case.

“While at the crime scene at around 14:00 hours, information was received that a suspect was apprehended in Senegal, and a team led by Commissioner Sowe went to Giboro to collect the suspect. The team returned with someone by the name of Ousainou Bojang at 20:00 hours at the Police Anti-Crime Unit. Upon my arrival, the panel that was constituted, of which I was part, interviewed the first accused person (Ousainou Bojang) about his involvement in the crime. He admitted to having shot the three officers and escaped to Senegal.

“When asked about the murder weapon and the cloth, he (Ousainou Bojang) confessed that he was wearing a white haftan and combat shoes but threw the murder weapon while running. When asked about the combat shoes, he said both were in his house. Therefore, a team went to his house in Brufut. Upon arrival, a search was conducted, and the haftan was seen hanging on the TV stand, which he confirmed was the very haftan he wore. The Forensic Team took pictures, and the items were recovered, including the Converse shoe, for further analysis,” Mr. Sowe told the court.

Mr. Sowe testified further that, prior to their return to Anti-Crime, Ousainou Bojang led the investigative team along the same escape route as described by the eyewitness.

According to Mr. Sowe, Ousainou Bojang then pointed out an empty piece of land as the location where he had disposed of the murder weapon. Despite a thorough search, nothing was discovered on the vacant land.

Upon returning to Anti-Crime, Mr. Sowe was tasked with obtaining Ousainou Bojang’s cautionary statement around midnight. He conveyed to Ousainou Bojang that he had the option to remain silent if he chose to do so.

“I then asked him which language he would choose to speak, and he said Wolof. He then told me he was literate and that he could read and write. I told him that he could write his statement if he wished, but he chose me to write it. He told me to give him time to make his statement the next day as he was tired, and these were recorded as a statement, and he signed it,” Mr. Sowe said.

On September 14, 2023, Mr. Sowe reported that additional questioning took place regarding Ousainou Bojang, specifically focusing on the combat shoe. According to Mr. Sowe, the investigators raised suspicions about the immaculate condition of the white Converse shoe, suggesting it might not be the precise footwear he had worn. Subsequently, Ousainou informed them that he had actually worn combat boots.

“These interrogations were completed, and he (Ousainou Bojang) confirmed that he wore combat boots, and at about 1400 hours, the suspect voluntarily led investigators to Brufut at their family house, where the combat boots were recovered under their veranda. After he had identified and confirmed to the investigators the combat boots he was wearing. As a result, the Forensic Team picked the boots as their material evidence. As the investigation progresses, another cautionary statement was obtained from Ousainou on the 14th of September,” Mr. Sowe said.

When questioned about the acquisition of Ousainou Bojang’s statement on September 14, Mr. Sowe informed the court that he followed a similar procedure and provided a comprehensive account of the incident. Mr. Sowe further conveyed that on September 15, the death certificates of the victims were retrieved, verifying the occurrence of the deaths.

“As investigations progressed that very day, the full confessional statement was obtained. This time in the presence of an independent witness named Alieu Cham. The same procedure was maintained. When the narrations were done and the statements were recorded. I translated the entire statement into the Wolof language, even though the accused (Ousainou Bojang) confirmed he understands the English language. The independent witness also confirmed it, and then I endorsed it and put my details as the recorder,” Mr. Sowe stated.

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