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“…Personal Reasons Contravening His Position As A Cabinet Minister.”

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Hon. Abba Sanyang, Minister Of Local Government and Lands

This line begs for more information that the public has a right to know. What has Abba done to ‘contravene’ his position as Minister? What is the ‘contravention’? The President has a duty to make a full disclosure of this contravention to the people in whose trust and confidence both him and Abba hold public office.

Since there is a ‘contravention’ as stated by State House, then it means there was a violation, abuse or misconduct of one kind or the other. What is the contravention? For that matter, there should be transparency and accountability. Abba should not just resign, but more importantly Pres. Barrow has to be seen to hold him accountable by investigating the contravention.

No one is above the law and if a public official violates the law, then he should be investigated and prosecuted accordingly. Failure to investigate and prosecute Abba for the contravention claimed by State House therefore means Pres. Barrow is aiding and abetting corruption and misconduct which means perpetuating impunity which tantamount to willful violation of his oath of office and the Constitution which he swore to uphold and defend without ill-will, fear or favour.

Therefore, let citizens demand full transparency as to the circumstances of Abba’s resignation and demand full accountability for the contravention he is said to have committed.

No to cover-ups. No to sacred cows. No to impunity.

Madi Jobarteh

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