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Owner Of Missing Items Clears Faal and Team Sobeyaa

Essa Mbaye Faal
 Independent Presidential Candidate, December 4 Election

By Buba Gagigo

One Abdou Njie, the owner of missing speakers, has confirmed to Kerr Fatou that Essa Mbaye Faal and Team Sobeyaa have nothing to do with the complaint he lodged at a police station regarding the items.

The missing items that are worth about D80, 000 are presumed stolen during the presidential election campaign of Team Sobeyaa, but not in the name of either the team leader or the team, said the owner.

Njie made the clarification following a viral rumour that Faal reported some members of his team to the police in connection to the matter.

“This is not about Team Sobeyaa. This is about Abdou Njie, the people who were responsible for giving out all orders to take things from the store where I kept my things. There was a place I used to keep my entertainment materials and the materials were under my responsibility including my speakers. Whoever is supposed to go to that store, I should be aware. Our regional coordinator (Nuru Deen), while we were away on tour, called a group of people. They were going inside that house where I kept the materials. They were taking in and out my materials without my consent. Nuru Deen was the one sending those people to the store.

“I told him (Nuru Deen) to inform the people he was sending there that I lost my speakers. He (Nuru Deen) said he accepted sending those people to the store, but he did not send them to steal. I told him ‘that is fine, but inform them and let’s settle the matter peacefully’. I reminded him several times, but nothing was done. For more than three and half weeks, he ended up telling me that I can go anywhere I want to go; and he would come and answer anywhere I called him. That was a stressful word. This is the problem, but it has nothing to do with Team Essa Faal or Team Sobeyaa,” he explained.

The campaign chair of the Team Sobeyaa, Alagie Sanyang dissociated Faal and his team from the matter.

“What happened was, during the campaign, one of our supporters had a musical set. Some people within the team lent him his speakers and lost them. Some said the speakers are lost and others said they are stolen. We tried to solve the matter, but we could not find any solutions. Then the man (owner) said let them report the matter to the police because the speakers cost him around D80, 000. Essa did not report anyone to the police. Essa did not get involved in this, this has nothing to do with Essa,” he clarified.

When contacted for comments on the matter, the regional coordinator of Team Sobeyaa, Nuru Deen who is said to be in charge of the store at the time the speakers got missing said: “I don’t want to talk about the matter anymore. I will speak when the time comes. I hope you respect my decision.”

This development followed a viral rumour on social media that Team Sobeyaa is not happy with its leader Essa Mbaye Faal because he reported some his supporters at the police and accused them of stealing his speakers; an allegation both the Team Sobeyaa and the owner of the missing speakers denied.

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