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Nenneh Freda Gomez: “I Didn’t Know CA Suspended Me”

Nenneh Freda Gomez
Suspended CA Spokesperson

By Landing Ceesay

The spokesperson of the Citizens’ Alliance (CA), Nenneh Freda Gomez has told Kerr Fatou that she didn’t know about her suspension from CA officially.

“I just entered the courtroom and Kexx Sanneh and Lamin Njie informed me about it.

“I haven’t been written to officially and I am yet to read the suspension letter on social media. I have to read it first and know the content before saying anything about it,” she told this reporter at the High Court of the Gambia, shortly after Bob Keita’s case hearing today.

The Citizens’ Alliance Party (CA) in a statement dated 26th July 2022, announced the suspension of Ms. Gomez over a leaked WhatsApp message from the executive group allegedly disseminated by her.

The leaked WhatsApp message in question is the comment by one of the party’s executive members against this medium, which the medium rebutted.

In a virtual meeting on Sunday, the CA confirmed constituting a panel to investigate circumstances surrounding the leaking of the message saying, “all members have cooperated to send details, except one”.

The statement said the panel found Nenneh in “breach” of the Constitution of Citizens’ Alliance.

However, the statement recognised the suspended spokesperson’s right to appeal against the party’s decision.

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