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My Initial Reaction to the Cabinet Reshuffle

Madi Jobarteh is a Gambian civil society activist

1. Barrow is making a statement and he needs to come out to the public to explain the rationale for this utterly incomprehensible action!

2. The Coalition is dead because only UDP and NRP remain in the government. All other parties are absent. What is the reason?

3. The appointments do not reflect purely national interest considerations otherwise why remove DA Jawo who has demonstrated his inclination toward system change, transparency and accountability.

4. What is the rationale for the appointment of individuals who have featured in the Janneh Commission or were Jammeh enablers or who have no know connection to their area of responsibility.

5. The reshuffle does not reflect a stance against system change, corruption and patronage.

6. The reshuffle confirms analysis and concerns that this government has never been well coordinated and well positioned and properly focused towards nation building.

7. The only good thing about this change is the change itself. Change is necessary to expose, revitalize, redirect and reinvigorate individuals and societies and institutions. Time will tell if it is a positive or negative change.

8. The reshuffling is however still limited as the cabinet is yet to be empty of politicians. If Barrow wishes to deliver on his presidency and leave an everlasting legacy he needs to ensure that his cabinet is purely and totally constituted by only appropriate technocrats of high moral standing and excellent track record in performance.

9. The reshuffle raises more questions, doubts and concerns for which Barrow needs to explain himself to The Gambia people. Is he showing muscles to demonstrate his leadership or is he driven by some other forces for their own agenda or is he pursuing some other interests?

10. In any case Barrow has a great opportunity with this change to further reform and refine himself and reposition his government better to assume its rightful role and deliver as expected.

For The Gambia Our Homeland

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