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Motorcyclist Details Transporting Ousainou Bojang to Diouloulou in Cassamance

Ousainou and Amie Bojang at the High Court

By Landing Ceesay 

Bubacarr Manneh, a commercial motorcyclist from Marakisa in the West Coast Region, testified in court about his journey transporting Ousainou Bojang (the 1st accused) to Diouloulou in Cassamance, the Southern Region of Senegal.

Ousainou Bojang (1st accused), faces six charges, including the murder of two Police Intervention Unit (PIU) officers, while his elder sister, Amie Bojang (2nd accused) is charged with being an accessory after the fact of murder.

During his court appearance as the Eleventh Prosecution Witness (PW11), Babucarr Manneh, a resident of Marakissa, a village situated on the border of the West Coast Region (WCR), provided testimony. Mr. Manneh informed the court of his occupation as a commercial motorcyclist at the Gambia-Senegal border for several years.

When questioned about his familiarity with the accused individuals, Mr. Manneh positively identified them and proceeded to recount the events that transpired between them.

“I want you to cast your minds about 9 months ago, did anything transpire between you and them or one of them (accused persons)?” Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) A.M. Yusuf asked. 

“Yes, it happened on Wednesday. I went to work, When I got there, my name was written on the book. In there, we join the queue, that is the routine there.  We were sitting there until about 12 to 1 pm. I was called and informed that I had a client. When I got there, I asked where the client was going, and I was told that the client was going to Diouloulou. 

“I asked the woman (Amie Bojang, 2nd accused), and she told me that she was not the one going to Diouloulou, but she had a client (Ousainou Bojang, 1st accused person) who was going there. She asked me how much. I charged her D200. She told me no problem, and that she will give me D250 to take the client (Ousainou Bojang) because we are all the same,” Mr. Manneh testified. 

Mr. Manneh told the court that, the 2nd accused, Amie Bojang, then gave him D250 to transport Ousainou Bojang to Diouloulou. 

“She (Amie Bojang) went to call the client (Ousainou Bojang). When the client came down from the vehicle, I asked him to climb, at first he said no. I asked him whether he doesn’t have an ID Card, and he told me that he had an ID Card, but I should wait for him to go in front. The reason I told him (Ousainou Bojang) is because when we take the clients and get to the Police Station, the clients usually go and show them their ID Cards. So I thought he (Ousainou Bojang) did not have an ID Card, that’s why,” the Motorcyclist told the court. 

Mr. Manneh elaborated further, stating that Ousainou Bojang relayed to him the necessity of arranging something before their departure. In response, Mr. Manneh recounted advising Ousainou Bojang to procure what he required, assuring him that they would depart once he was prepared.

“When he (Ousainou Bojang) told me that, I also waited for some time, and then followed him with my motorcycle. When I got there, I met him standing, I asked him to climb on the motorcycle, and then we went to Diouloulou. When we started going, I saw a Small water bottle in his hand. When we were going, I did not see any sign of confusion or anything suspicious, or he did anything. He sat quietly until we arrived in Diouloulou. 

“When we arrived there, he (Ousainou Bojang) told me that he wanted to go to Bingiona, but he did not know his way there. I called the head of the garage who sells tickets, and I told him that this man (Ousainou Bojang) said he wanted to go to Bingiona, but he did not know there, so help him. The head of the garage asked him to sit down. That was how our conversation ended. Then I turned and left him there,” Mr. Manneh told the court. 

When questioned about providing a statement to the Police, Mr. Manneh replied that he had not, yet he acknowledged being summoned by them for questioning.

During cross-examination, Mr. Manneh informed the court that he had not endorsed any paperwork during his visit to the Police Station for questioning.

Additionally, Mr. Manneh stated to the court that he couldn’t recall the attire worn by both Ousainou Bojang and Amie Bojang on that particular day.

“I am putting it to you that since you cannot recall the type of clothes the second accused person (Amie Bojang) wore, then if she is paraded before you, you cannot identify her,” Counsel A. Sillah, the lawyer representing Amie Bojang asked. 

“On that day, I did not take the time to look at the type of clothes she (Amie Bojang) wore, but when I saw her, I could recognize her,” Mr. Manneh told the court. 

“I am putting it to you that all you say is not true,” Counsel Sillah told the court. 

” I am telling the truth. I would not lie, and I am recounting what I have witnessed to that effect,” Mr. Manneh responded.

“I am telling you that there was a promise of a D1 million reward for any person who identified the accused, and this is why you came up with this story,” Counsel Sillah told the witness. 

The witness however denied testifying because of money. 

“That’s not true. If I have to choose between money and truth, I will choose the truth. I don’t know whether who the accused was and what he was accused of and whether it is true or not, but I took him to Diouloulou,” Mr. Manneh told the court. 

The case was adjourned to Tuesday for continuation. 

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