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Passenger Recounts Spending Over 5 Hours Adrift After Kanilai Ferry Malfunction

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Stranded Kanilia Ferry

By Buba Gagigo 

A passenger who was aboard the Kanilai Ferry during a technical malfunction has recounted a harrowing experience of spending over five hours in the water before being rescued.

“We embarked on the ferry shortly before 9 a.m.,” he recounted, “but trouble struck before we even reached the Kapowership. The ferry experienced a technical glitch, causing it to veer off course. We were stranded there for about 20 minutes.”

Despite managing to address the initial issue, their journey was far from smooth sailing. As they approached the midway point, another mechanical failure brought their progress to a halt.

“We found ourselves at the mercy of the waves, drifting until we reached Bunaidou (near Albreda),” he continued. “It wasn’t until then that the fire service rescue boat arrived, accompanied by technicians. Unfortunately, their efforts to remedy the situation proved futile.”

With the ferry immobilized, the navy sprang into action, initiating a rescue operation and summoning additional boats from Barra. Fortunately, he was among the first to be evacuated. However, their ordeal stretched on, with their arrival at Barra not occurring until 3:30 p.m., hours after their scheduled departure.

“Inside the ferry, tensions ran high,” he recalled. “It wasn’t until authorities provided clarity on the situation that a sense of calm prevailed among the passengers.”

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