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Ministry of Justice Statement On Home of Medical Mission


The public is hereby informed of the Ministry of Justice’s position on the ongoing Home of Medical Mission land issue. The Ministry wishes to draw the attention of the public to its previous statements on this matter.

It is important to reiterate that the purported lease was wrongfully issued under executive directive by former President Jammeh to an entity that we now know does not exist. It is also important to note that to date the only determinations made by the Courts are with regards the issue of possession and the legality of the process of cancellation of the lease.

Notwithstanding these judgments, which in both cases were arrived at with the consent of the state in order to follow due process, the state is still at liberty to pursue other administrative action in respect of the purported lease as provided for by the laws of The Gambia.

The assertion that the recent ruling of the Court confirms the title of “Home of Medical Mission is erroneous and misleading. The Court did not make any such affirmation but simply stated that it did not have jurisdiction to review its previous judgment.

It is crucial to reiterate that [the] Home of Medical Mission does not exist and as such, any leases issued to it is null and void. AS a result, the public is hereby informed that the purported lease in the name of Home of Medical Mission has been cancelled.

We take this opportunity to inform the public that the Government is committed to due process and to national development. The land in question, located within the Tourism Development Area, has been set aside for the construction of a five-star hotel co-owned by [the] Government.

This facility will be instrumental in the hosting of the upcoming OIC summit, and will significantly boost the tourism industry and provide crucial jobs both during the construction and operational phases.

Source: Ministry of Justice Twitter, 28th June 2022

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