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MC Cham Jr: President Barrow Invited Me To Join NPP

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MC Cham Jr., GDC National Youth President.

By Buba Gagigo

The National Youth President of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), Mr. MC Cham Jr., in a conversation on this medium’s weekly political show, Politic Kaacha, revealed that president Adama Barrow has asked him to join his National People’s Party (NPP) during his most recent highly publicized visit to Statehouse.

“If two politicians sit at a particular place, they obviously will talk about politics. I am a politician, and during our conversations, he invited me to come and work in his government and also asked me to join his party, NPP. He told me I am a youth, but I have been in politics for a long time. He did not mention any specific position to me, but he asked me to join his party (NPP) and work with him,” 

Reacting to a follow-up question as to what his response was to the president’s invitation to join the NPP, he responded that he seek off the president time to allow him to discuss with his family, his party, and his supporters;

“I also told him I am from a family and I cannot just say yes or no. And there are people who listened to me and believe in me. I also told him that I belong to a party, that is GDC, and I occupy a leadership position in that party, so I cannot just join his party. I told him I have to go back to my party and discuss it with them. But also my family and the people who listened to me and support me. 

Reacting to criticism that he is a turncoat for visiting with the president when he was against the same entreaties from others, Mr. Cham was not fazed one bit:

“Even if the only purpose of the invitation to Statehouse was to ask me to join his party, I don’t have any problems with that. It shows that I have a platform, and the president recognised that and called on me to work with him. Whether I join him or not, the meeting is an improvement to my political career.” He concluded.

Mr. MC Cham Jr. is the National Youth President of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), he told this medium during the same political show that he will not be seeking re-election as National Youth President of his party at their forthcoming congress to give others a chance.

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