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Mayor Bensouda Says Ramou Sabally’s Audio Was a ‘Conspiracy’ Against Him

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Mayor Talib Bensouda – Mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council

By Buba Gagigo

The Mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) Talib Ahmed Bensouda said that Ramou Sabally’s audio message that implicates him in a scheme to rally influencers to support him for flag bearer was a conspiracy concocted against him.

Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda made these remarks in Janjanbureh, on Saturday, December 10, 2022, where his party, the United Democratic Party, is conducting its National Congress.

The KMC Mayor was maintained as the United Democratic Party’s National Organizing Secretary on Saturday after he went unopposed.

Asked to react to the audio making the rounds in which Ramou Sabally is heard accusing him of calling her to a meeting, together with others, in an effort to convince her to join the camp, bolstering his bid (Talib) for the UDP’s Flag Bearer position;

“Of course, it was a conspiracy. I think if any of the things said were true, I wouldn’t be here. If I wanted to be a Flag Bearer, I wouldn’t hide it from anybody. I will come out and say I want to be a flag bearer. If I wanted to be president and I saw that, I don’t have an opportunity here, and I have an opportunity there, I will come out. I am not the type that hides and maneuvers underground. If I believe that in my conscience is the right thing, I will tell everybody that, this is what I want to do. It was meant for distraction, it is meant to distract me,” Talib Ahmed Bensouda responded.

The Kanifing Municipal Council Mayor, however, said it is normal in politics for people to talk about you.

“It is normal in politics when people talk about you. They created conspiracies, that’s normal in politics to have people who view you as an enemy or rival. But I have no enemy as far as I am concerned. My rivals are the ones who think I am their enemy. I am already an elected mayor of KM. And my goal when I was campaigning was to bring development for the people, so whatever I do, I always think about the people, if not I will not do this job. 

“Like I said, I have a business that is striving, I have a family that I care much about. The reason I do all this is for the country. How long should us young people who have the knowledge and capability stay on the sideline and blame others? This is the only reason I entered, and I will give it my best until I can’t, no more. So, if people create conspiracy theories, people attack me or whatnot, I think it just comes with the territory and I must accept,” he concluded.

In a WhatsApp audio message that went viral, Ramou Sabally accused the United Democratic Party’s (UDP) Deputy Organising Secretary, Ebrima Dibba, and UDP’s National Campaign Manager, Karafa Sonko of trying to convince her to join Talib Ahmed Bensouda’s camp to make him (Talib) the flag bearer of the party.

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