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Leaked Audio: FJC Apologises To Mama Fatima Singhateh Over Her Comment

Fatoumata Jahumpa Ceesay, former parliamentary speaker and former Justice Minister, Mama Fatima Sighnateh


By Buba Gagigo

The former parliamentary speaker Fatoumata Jahumpa Ceesay (FJC) has apologised to Mama Fatima Sighnateh and mother over her comment in a leaked audio that former president Jammeh has assets in The Gambia controlled by Singhateh’s mother.

“I want to tell you I am apologizing sincerely in a private conversation where your name came and your mom’s name. What happened was- the person I spoke with was asking me questions and said, “I had Mama is part of or it is her Mum ”, and that was what I replied to that I said I had Mama Singhateh and her Mom is collecting it.

“I am very very sorry for mentioning your name and your Mum in my private conversation, not knowing that if I had answered the question, the person will go and make it viral for people to listen. It’s politics time. Yes, everybody is doing what they want. All other things, I said, I said it myself. I cannot deny it and that’s my personal opinion on anybody. But for you, it was a question he (person on phone with her) asked and I said yes, me too, I had it and I mentioned your name and your mom’s name. Once again, I am apologizing for mentioning your name and your mother in my private conversation,” she said.

The former parliamentary speaker’s apology came after the former Justice Minister (Singhateh) denied the comment by the latter in a leaked audio obtained by Kerr Fatou, that former President Jammeh has assets in The Gambia controlled by Singhateh’s mother.

Fatoumata has worked as parliamentary speaker and Mama as Justice Minister under Jammeh.

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