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Lands Ministry Receives Waste Management & Treatment Proposal From 7Cbasalia 

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Officials at the meeting

By Landing Ceesay 

7Cbasalia, a green and circular biotechnology company, presented a new waste management and treatment technology proposal to the Ministry of Lands, Regional Government, and Religious Affairs of the Gambia on Thursday.

7Cbasalia’s technology can transform all categories of unsorted domestic, clinical, and industrial waste from all parts of the country into energy. It can also reclaim the Bakoteh dump site and decontaminate water levels already contaminated by nitrate in Bundung and other parts of the Greater Banjul Area.

Dabanani Electrical Company’s Managing Director, Alhagie E.F. Conteh, who is also the local representative of 7CBasalia Company in The Gambia, has stated that a new waste management project in the country has the potential to revolutionize the way waste is handled and disposed of.

Mr. Conteh explained that the project will use breakthrough technology to convert a variety of waste materials into hydrogen, electricity, clean water, and other valuable byproducts.

“From sludge coming from NAWEC engines, to the main Kotu sewage pond, to solid waste at places like the Bakoteh dump site, to the untreated borehole waters in the rural areas, to the dumping of Banjul raw sewage into the Atlantic Ocean, this technology can be used to save us the problem of dangerous urban and rural waste and at the same time improve our energy supply systems by complementing the already great strides being made by NAWEC,” Mr. Conteh said. 

Mr. Conteh also said that the project aims to solve the problems of waste management and nitrate infiltration into urban water supplies. He believes that the new technology will significantly improve the well-being of all Gambians.

David Gomez, Director of Governance at the Ministry of Lands, Regional Government, and Religious Affairs, expressed his ministry’s support for the project, saying that it offers hope for an end to the perennial problem of sustainable waste management, which has long been a major challenge for local government authorities.

“The waste management solution encompassed in the 7Cbasalia technology is one that is environmentally sustainable and economically viable. Waste collection, disposal and landfill management consume significant amounts of the annual estimates of local councils year in and year out. Despite that, the sector still poses greater challenges for councils because of the capital intensive nature of the service against the meager resources at their disposal.

“Because of the rapid urban and population growth experienced by The Gambia in the past decade and more, councils in the Greater Banjul Area in particular are left struggling to provide corresponding waste management services for residents of their jurisdictions. This to an extent is also true for growth centers such as Soma, Lower River Region; Farafenni, North Bank Region; and Basse, Upper River Region,” Mr. Gomez said. 

Basalia Bio Circular Technology decomposes all waste of organic and inorganic origin in the form of solids, liquids, and gases into environmentally friendly and economically beneficial outputs. 

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