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Land Dispute: Lamin & Surrounding Villages Describes Rongo’s Claims As False 

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The Alkalo’s of Lamin , New Yundum at the Press Conference

By Buba Gagigo

Lamin and its surrounding villages have rejected Lamin Jarju, alias Rongo’s claims of land ownership in the area, calling them “false.”

Elders from Lamin, Yundum, Mandinary, and Mamkumbaya attended a press conference last Sunday.

“It has come to our attention that certain individuals and groups such as Rongo and the likes have been circulating rumours and false claims about land ownership, causing anxiety and confusion among our fellow citizens. We would like to take this opportunity to set the records straight and provide accurate information to ensure that the public is well-informed,” Yusupha Gomez said on behalf of the Alkalos.

On the Legitimate Land Ownership: They said, 

“We affirm that land ownership is determined by legal frameworks established by our national and local authorities. These processes are designed to safeguard the rights of individuals and provide a fair and transparent system for land acquisition and transfer. Any claims suggesting unauthorized or illegitimate land ownership are baseless and should be disregarded. 

“Banjulinding being the home of the claimant, is one of the last settlements established within the area and the settlement of Lamin was in existence prior to the founding of Banjulinding and as such, a resident of the latter cannot claim ownership as that is akin to claiming to be older than a father or brother. Rongo’s father was at one time a guest of the people of Lamin, and he was residing with a one-time former Alkalo of Lamin and as such his claims are at best a joke,” they said.

On Documented Ownership: They said, “the Alkalolu invited here today to grace this occasion gave historical narrations as to how Lamin Village came into existence. The founding of Lamin Village came as a result of the people of Yundum allocating the said land for Lamin community to inhabit. Accurate and factual information were provided by those in attendance, and those narratives were clear-cut and gave credence to the claim of Lamin while simultaneously dismissing the unfound and baseless claims of the claimant. It is essential to emphasize that land ownership is established through legal documentation, such as titles, deeds, founding of communities and settlements or other officially recognized instruments. These documents serve as proof of ownership and are the only valid means of establishing one’s right to land,” they continued.

They said any claims made without proper documentation should be treated with scepticism. They said the documents provided to the High Court by Rongo are bogus and falsified.

On Due Diligence and Verification: They said 

“We encourage individuals who are concerned about land ownership to conduct their due diligence by consulting official records and engaging with relevant authorities. Local government offices, land registries, historical accounts of elders, Alkalo’s and legal professionals are invaluable resources to verify land ownership and clarify any doubts or uncertainties. Relying on verified information is crucial to avoid falling victim to false news,” they said.

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