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Lamin Sanneh Launches His Maiden Book Titled “JOYFULNESS NOW”

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Group Photo At The Book Launch.

By Ramatoulie Jawo 

Lamin Sanneh, an employee of the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) on Saturday launched his first Book titled “JOYFULNESS NOW”, at the YMCA along the MDI road. 

The Book aims to imbue the reader with the benefits of a meaningful life filled with joy.

The motivational book delves into the meaning of living a joyful life and how readers can achieve it in their lifetime.

Speaking at the ceremony, Lamin Sanneh, the Author of the book said everybody whether good or bad wants to be happy but few of them know how to attain the highest level of happiness.  

Mr. Sanneh said happiness is divided into three categories, one for the body, one for the world, and one for the soul. 

“People tend to go for the lowest level of happiness that is a pleasure. Because that is the happiness many people think is the only happiness one can enjoy. Happiness for the body is called pleasure, happiness for the world is contentment, and happiness for the soul is joy,” he stated. 

Mr. Sanneh assured his audience that his book will show people how to attain the highest level of happiness which he said is joy. 

Mr. Sanneh explained that his book is a motivational book that seeks to help people look at the brighter side of life and it seeks to put a premium on joyfulness no matter what the daily headlines are. 

“It is prescription for positivity, happiness, and joy is simple as laughter, Meditation, spirituality, and absorbing the moment of now as much as possible. It is a philosophical book and assures that joy is innate and internal and self-created. It puts much emphasis on the present moment. That is do not wait for tomorrow for what you can enjoy today. This is another secret to good living. Another nugget the book shares is that when we deprive love or happiness, we miss them. When you deprive others, you also cannot enjoy,” Sanneh stated.

Mr. Hassan Bah the senior Regional Manager at NAWEC commended Mr. Lamin Sanneh for the book. 

Mr. Bah described the author (Mr. Sanneh) as a “committed and determined” person which he said led to the success of the book launch. 

“I have read the book and the most I like about the book and the part I like most is the part it talks about trying to focus on the present moment. You know we spent a lot of time thinking of what had happened and also sometimes thinking about the future. So Lamin’s book tells us to focus on what is happening now. We are not saying the future is not important but he is trying to tell us to focus on what is happening now,” he said. 

Senior Manager of Customer Service at NAWEC, Matarr Manjang, said what he likes the most in the book is that GB makes people happy. 

“From the book he wrote, I learned a lot and I hope that most of us will also read it and benefit a lot from it, especially the young ones,” He said. 

Lamin’s Book launch was grace by people from different backgrounds including the staff and management of NAWEC.

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