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Lack Of Sponsorship Makes Student Doubtful About His Studies

Dawda Jallow
GTTI Student


After gaining admission into the Gambia Technical Training Institute [GTTI]
 Certificate II in General Engineering Electrical Electronics Option programme, 22-old-year Dawda Jallow is in doubt, if he would be able to continue the programme.

Dawda who aspires to be an Electrical Electronics Engineer upon completion of the programme in future, is worried not because of his physical, emotional or mental well-being; but his inability to pay his tuition fee for the level; he gained admission into at the GTTI.

“My family’s economic status is not strong. I might not be able to complete my studies,” Dawda Jallow lamented to this reporter.

Despite his family’s economic status leading him into doubting, the young man remains optimistic to read; thus, the basis of his appeal to anyone capable of rescuing him from dropping out.

He is optimistic that when he gets the sponsorship, it would make him an “asset” to The Gambia rather than a “liability”.

“I’m appealing for sponsorship in order to further my education to the highest level. It [sponsorship] will help me achieve the dream I have always yearn for, which will make me to be an asset to the nation rather than a liability,” Jallow said.

His admission followed his successful completion of Certificate I in General Engineering Electrical Electronics Option, at the institute.  Sadly, the man who paid the young Jallow’s tuition fee for the Certificate I, is no more.

“It was my Father’s brother who was paying for my studies; but now that he died a few months back (May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace); his [father] other brother also tried to continue paying for my studies, but he has many responsibilities too. So, it will be very hard for him. This makes my studies at stake. By the will of God and the help of good people, I will be lucky to further my studies,” he explained.

Both parents of Dawda are living but not engaged in gainful employment, while the responsibilities on the shoulder of his brother, who is the breadwinner of the Jallow family, have no means to pay the tuition fee of their loved one.

The admission notice obtained by this medium dated 20th September 2021 stated D14, 720 as the tuition fee for the Certificate II in General Engineering Electrical Electronics Option; Seventy-five [75%] of which ‘must’ be paid at a designated local bank, before he starts attending the lectures scheduled to commence on 18th October 2021.

The letter warned that failure of paying the 25% balance by 31st January 2022, would lead to the withdrawal of the student from the programme and a forfeiture of the already paid amount.

This compelled the 22-year-old to seek sponsorship from anyone capable, to enable him accomplish his journey at GTTI, since his family lives from hand to mouth.

Interested sponsors can reach him on 3680865 or 2507044.  

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