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Faal Not Confident President Barrow Would Implement TRRC Report

Essa Mbaye Faal
Independent presidential aspirant

By Buba Gagigo

Independent presidential aspirant and former TRRC lead counsel Essa Mbaye Faal is not confident that president Adama Barrow would implement TRRC report upon submission.

 “I have zero confidence that the current administration would implement the TRRC report. We have seen the Government has gone to bed with the party of the perpetrators, and they are telling them that the TRRC report is going into the dustbin. Things happening in this country are very shameful, and it should be the responsibility of everyone to ensure that justice is served. If we don’t do that, we will be failing the victims,” Essa Faal said.

Independent presidential aspirant Faal then made a personal commitment to ensure that the issue of the victims becomes a leading cause in his campaign.

He added that one of his principal reasons for running for Presidency is to help the victims of human rights violations get justice.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Kijera, the chairman of the Victim Centre said the centre is engaging the various political parties to make commitments for justice and implement the TRRC report, if elected in the December polls.

“This engagement with Mr. Faal is one of our programmes in which we are engaging leaders of the various political parties. To ensure that the TRRC report will be honoured and implemented when elected into office,” Mr Kijera said.

Faal and Kijera made these remarks during Faal’s visit to the victim centre on Monday.


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