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KMC Launches KETP Sponsored Call Center, Magazine & Fleet Management System 

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Binta Janneh-Jallow Deputy Mayor of the Kanifing Municipal Council 

By Landing Ceesay 

Deputy Mayor Binta Janneh-Jallow of the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC), on Friday, presided over the launching ceremony of the Kanifing Environmental Transformation Programme (KETP)-sponsored Call Center, Magazine, and Fleet Management System.

The Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) is launching a call center to allow residents to report waste collection and anti-littering problems. The call center will be free of charge and will be staffed by trained operators who can help residents resolve their issues.

The call center is part of the KMC’s efforts to improve service delivery to residents. The council hopes that the call center will make it easier for residents to get help with waste collection and anti-littering problems and that it will help to keep the municipality clean and healthy.

The Kanifing Environmental Transformation Programme (KETP) aims to use a sustainable focus on new integrated waste management approaches to drive environmental, social, and economic transformation in Kanifing.

Speaking at the ceremony, Madam Binta Janneh-Jallow, KMC Deputy Mayor said the call center would replace social media for the reporting of waste collection, enabling a more timely response.

The Deputy Mayor further stated that more efficient reporting and response time will ultimately lead to a reduction in waste dumping in communities and rivers on the fragile coastline. 

“These are significant achievements that will help Council address the challenges we are currently facing in waste management. My council has significantly resourced to ensure the collection, transportation, and disposal of solid waste within the Municipality. This has significantly impacted the environment and health of the residents of KM.  

“Over the past years, residents of the Municipality registered their complaints through social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp messages, etc. To address these complaints in a timely manner, the project has established a centralized call center, for residents to call regarding access waste collection and filing complaints,” the Deputy Mayor said.  

Mr. Alieu Nyang, the Kanifing Environmental Transformation Project (KETP) Project Director, said that these are just some of their many environmental initiatives to transform the municipality.

Mr. Nyang thanked the European Union and its ambassador for their demonstrated commitment to supporting the KMC. He also thanked their partners, Peterborough City Council in the UK and Peterborough Environmental City Plus, for their support of the KETP project and the municipality.

 The Kanifing Environmental Transformation Programme (KETP) has three output areas: Waste Management, Education, and Tree Planting & Parks Management.

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