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Kexx Sanneh’s Statement At An NPP Rally In Bakau Proven To Be False

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Kexx Sanneh, Speaking at the NPP Bakau rally

By Buba Gagigo

Kexx Sanneh’s statement at the National People’s Party (NPP) rally in Bakau was proven to be false. Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda’s take-home pay, including all salaries and allowances, was D35,000 in 2018 and is currently D44,000.

At a rally in Bakau for the National People’s Party, Kexx Sanneh, who recently endorsed Bakary Badjie over incumbent mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda, made the following claim:

“When Talib Ahmed Bensouda was coming in 2020, the allowance allocated for the mayor was six hundred and sixty-eight million, five hundred and six-five thousand and sixty-four bututs. When he came, his sitting allowance was six hundred and ten million dalasis, eight hundred and eleven thousand and one hundred and seventeen dalasis, but he increased it to Six hundred and sixty-six million, five hundred and seventy-five thousand, six hundred and forty dalasis.”

In contrast to Kexx’s assertions at the NPP rally, it was proven that the Mayor’s Office Budget encompasses the remuneration and benefits of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and 25 Councillors.

It is also proven that contrary to Kexx’s pronouncements at the Bakau rally, the mayor’s basic salary has only been increased twice, both times based on the salary increment recommendations of the government for public servants with the approval of the National Assembly. The first increase was in 2019 when public servant salaries were increased by 25%. The second increase was in 2022 when public servant salaries were increased by 50%. As a result of these increases, the mayor’s net salary has increased from D35,000 in 2018 to D44,000 in 2023.

Kexx Sanneh admitted to making a mistake a few hours after making the statement. He posted a message on his Facebook page:

“It was brought to my attention that during my address to the people of Bakau at the rally mentioned a million instead of thousands. 

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