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Kerr Fatou Rebuts Raffie Diab’s Allegation

Fatou Touray,
Chief Executive Officer of Kerr Fatou

By Buba Gagigo

Fatou Touray, Chief Executive Officer of Kerr Fatou, has described Raffie Diab’s calling the medium “a UDP platform” as an old, staled caricature that will not deter her team from carrying out their constitutionally guaranteed right to gather and disseminate news.

In a leaked WhatsApp message accessed by Kerr Fatou on Friday, Raffie Diab, executive member of the Citizens’ Alliance, has described the medium as a “UDP platform ” for the second time.

Mr Diab, two years ago, had made similar remarks about Kerr Fatou, when the medium interviewed his party leader, Dr Ismaila Ceesay. However, his party leadership apologised to Kerr Fatou and the problem was resolved due to the long-standing good relationship between Kerr Fatou and CA.

Today, Raffie Diab, went out of his way to make the same comments on Citizens’ Alliance’s executive WhatsApp platform when one Mawya Ceesay suggested one Ali to come to Kerr Fatou and do clarifications on the recent allegations made by Mr. Dominic Mendy, who resigned as the party’s National President.

“I think a press conference where we invite all journalists is better because Kerr Fatou we all know is a UDP platform,” Raffie Diab replied to the suggestion by Mawya Ceesay on CA’s executive WhatsApp platform.

In response to the unfounded allegation by Mr. Diab, the Chief Executive Officer of Kerr Fatou, Fatou Touray said: “Kerr Fatou is an independent news media. We take pride in the work product we put out there everyday and our work speaks for itself. Calling us a UDP platform is an old, staled caricature, and it has not and will not deter us from carrying out our constitutionally guaranteed right to gather and disseminate news.”

She called it ‘unfortunate’ that an executive member of a party seeking to run the affairs of this nation could not separate his emotions from the work at hand.

“We make our platform available to people from every opinion angle in this country, and from every political persuasion. It is rather unfortunate that Raffie Diab, an executive member of a party seeking to run the affairs of this nation, cannot separate his emotions from the work at hand,” she said

Fatou further explained her platform’s first encounter with Raffie Diab years ago, which was calmed by party’s spokeswoman, Gomez, and Mendy, then national president.

“He made a similar comment on their executive forum a couple of years ago, and it was brought to our attention, then. We reached out to the national executive in private to express our disappointment at Raffie’s sordid, unprofessional behaviour manifested in the name-calling. We were glad that the national president, Hon. Dominic Mendy (now former national president) and their spokeswoman, Nenneh Freda Gomez, apologised on behalf of the party then.

“I do not believe Raffie’s childish tantrums towards our platform is the official position of the Citizens Alliance. I believe it is a personal vendetta he has against our platform, and our last interview with Dominic unleashed his vitriolic impulse to lash out at us again, using his favourite derogatory term. We will not be bothered, if this was some rank-and-file CA member, but it is coming from one of their founders, and executive members, and that doesn’t tell well on what the CA espouses to stand for,” Touray concluded.

Citizens’ Alliance National President recently resigned in a letter dated 7th July 2022. Mendy in an interview with Kerr Fatou after his resignation alleged that both Dr Ismaila Ceesay and Raffie Diab do not deserve to be members of Citizens’ Alliance.

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