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‘Jammeh asks investigators to stop probe into Koro’s death’

Former head of police Serious Crime Unit Muhammed Bojang

The police chief who investigated the death of the former finance minister Koro Ceesay concluded that he was murdered. He said the claim by the military rulers that he was involved in a car crash was a cover-up, though done immaturely.


Former head of police Serious Crime Unit Muhammed Bojang. Bojang is currently the paramount chief.

Muhammed Bojang, an ex-police officer who began investigation into the death of the former finance minister Koro Ceesay said he did not die in a car crash as narrated by the military leaders in 1995.

Ceesay’s remains were found in his burnt car along Jambur-Jambanjelly road.

The official account was that the former minister died in a car crash but the police investigator Bojang who led a team to the scene told Truth Commission on Thursday that Koro did not die in an accident.

Bojang said if the narrations of the military leaders were right, the car would have left marks on the road, there would have been also signs that Koro lost control of the vehicle and the fire would have started from the engine.

But none of that happened.

“If the car is involved in an accident like that, it should have dented and the fire would have started from the engine… The inner part of the car did not also burn as much as it did outside,” said Bojang.

Meanwhile, the witness also told the Commission that based on their preliminary findings there was no indication that Koro had anything to do where he was found.

The Commission is concurrently investigating the death of the finance minister with the execution of soldiers on November 11, 1994. Its hearings began with how the coup happened and people who played a major role in it.

It has heard several testimonies on the death of Koro and Alagie Kanyi has already admitted guilt.

Kanyi who admitted involvement in several killings said they killed Koro in Yankuba Touray’s residence and then dump him in his car and set it ablaze.

But Bojang could not get to all that. He said they have received orders from former President Yahya Jammeh to stop investigations into Koro’s death.

Prior to that, he said he noticed while they were doing their preliminary investigation in the death of Koro that National Intelligence Agency agent Baba Saho was spying on him anywhere he goes.

However, Bojang said despite the hostile environment preventing their probe, he had suspected Edward Singhatey, Yankuba Touray and Peter Singhatey were involved in the murder.

After Koro’s death was announced, he said the junta members showed up at the scene and Peter was having burns on his hands, suggesting his involvement.


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