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I am Not More Gambian Than Any Of You- Darboe Preach Equality In Sibanor

Ousainou ANM Darboe
SG & Party Leader UDP


By Buba Gagigo


The Secretary General and Leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP) has told the residents of Sibanor in the Fonis that he is not more Gambian than them.


“I am not more Gambian than any of you, all I have been working for is to get the mandate of the Gambian people and that has never made me more Gambian or better than any one of you. If anyone comes to you and tells you I’ll drive anyone away when I win, ask them where will I send them to when they are Gambians like I am? Wolof, Fulas and Jolas that were born in this land before I was born? Who am I or what powers do I have to send anyone away from the land we all own and share? 


“The Jolas of Foni have been here even before I or my father was born, so where will I send them to? They keep saying I (Darboe) will get revenge. What has anyone done to me that will require me to get revenge? People revenge when they have been offended or maltreated, none of you has done anything to me to warrant my revenge. We will defend and protect the rights and privileges of every Gambian. We are the same people who have lived in peace in this land we all call home,” Ousainu Darboe told a gathering of UDP supporters in the settlement on Tuesday.


Darboe made these comments at a UDP rally part of the party’s nationwide tour anchored on its 5 points agenda.

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