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Germany: 24-year-old Gambian arrested after attack on police officers


A Gambian citizen, resisting his imminent deportation, fought and injured three policemen in Germany.

The Stuttgart Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Esslingen Police Station are investigating a 24-year-old Gambian national who attacked four police officers in the Liebersbronn district on Tuesday morning and injured three of them on charges of assaulting law enforcement officials.

Esslinger Zeitung online newspaper, a German daily publication, reported on Friday the unnamed migrant’s arrest and detention.

On the basis of a law enforcement order of the regional council of Karlsruhe, the police officers visited the Gambian migrant on Tuesday morning at his residence for deportation.

Immediately after entering the room the 24-year-old tried to escape through the window, which was prevented by the officials.

According to the police accounts, the man attacked the police officers with punches and kicks. Only after the use of pepper spray did they manage to overpower the 24-year-old.

Three injured police officers, one of whom could not continue his service, were treated in the same way as the slightly injured accused in an outpatient hospital.

The 24-year-old was provisionally arrested and taken to the custody of the police station after also outpatient medical treatment.

At the request of the Karlsruhe Regional Council, the man was presented to the magistrate on Tuesday afternoon at the Stuttgart District Court.

The magistrate issued an order to secure the deportation request and accepted the warrant to detain the 24-year-old.

Meanwhile, several Gambian migrants in Germany who are in deportation threat are in constant panic, said Yaya Sonko, a Gambian national living in the European country.

Germany deported 15 Gambian earlier this week.

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