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GDC Deputy National Women President Joins NPP

President Barrow & Ajie Ndey Njie

By Landing Ceesay 

The Deputy National Women President of Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) Aji Ndey Njie has joined President Barrow’s National People’s Party (NPP).


Speaking to the NPP TV shortly after a meeting with President Barrow, Aji Ndey Njie confirmed joining NPP.


She said Barrow gave her a ticket to Mecca and also a lot of money that she never expected to have.


“I didn’t go and look for anybody. They (NPP) are the ones who came and looked for me. When Barrow was coming here to Farra Fenni. He (President Barrow) bought a cola nut and sent it to me to tell me that he adopted me as his mother. I said to myself, someone like the President, came up to your house (and) adopted you as a mother and rejected that, I cannot do that. Honestly, I didn’t sleep at all because of my relationship with Mama Kandeh (GDC leader). 


“I did not want to meet him when he (Barrow) requested to see me, but my kids here told me that I must go by force. Then I went there with them. So I met with him (Barrow) . We greeted each other, and he welcomed me. He (Barrow) gave me a ticket and told me that he will take me to Mecca. He (Barrow) also gave me a lot of money that I never expected to have. However, let Mama Kandeh don’t think that I betrayed him, I didn’t betray him because he is my son, he is my friend and he is my relative. But this is what Allah destined,” she narrated.


Speaking to Kerr Fatou in a phone interview, Hon. Omar Ceesay, Spokesman of GDC confirmed that Aji Ndey Njie has joined the NPP. 


“I saw the information on social media… Aji Ndey Njie was our supporter. She joined the party in 2016. So it is true that she left the GDC party and joined President Barrow. We called her as a political party and asked her whether the information is true or not. She told us that Barrow called her, but she never wanted to go there. But her family told her that when a President calls you and asks to see you, you should go and listen to him. That’s the time she went to meet with President Barrow and gave her cola nut to adopt her as his (Barrow) mother. She said Barrow gave her a ticket to Mecca and a lot of money. She said Barrow promised her that he will give her a vehicle as well,” he explained. 


Hon. Omar Ceesay who also doubles as National Assembly Member under the GDC ticket rubbished claims that his party leader, Mama Kandeh, adopted Aji Ndey Njie as his mother, and wished Aji Ndey Njie well in her new party. 


“Mama Kandeh never adopted her as his mother contrary to the reports circulating on social media. On behalf of the GDC, we are wishing her well in her new adventure. No matter how small it was, we had done so many work with her at the GDC party. So we thanked her for all her efforts,” he said. 


The NPP is currently embarking on a nationwide Presidential campaign ahead of the December 4 election. 

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