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Gambia politico: Time to tell Barrow the hard truth


To those who are supposing that since the President had given the MPs vehicles in the past and nothing happened, his cash bribery and attempted bribery was justified! Or those claiming Jammeh did similar bribes, or even worse than what Barrow did, in the past!

The answer is very simple as NO! A wrong is never justified simply because it happened in the past and was accepted or nothing was done against it.

A bad precedent is almost as good as no precedent!

Murder is never justified because it happened in the past and nothing was done against it. Likewise rape, etc!

In the same vein, bribery corruption or inappropriate behaviour or gifts are never justified because of their happenings in the past! We have to know better than that!

If the actions or condemnations required taking now, were taken prior, then a repeat would have been avoided or prevented.

Hence, it is time to let President Barrow understand that such shady gifts are inappropriate and unexpected of him! No beating the bush or scavenging for justifications and excuses for him!

He is a president of a nation and his actions matters! Does he want the whole country to follow him in bribing our way out of every difficulty or challenge! No!!

Otherwise what next do we expect, his sharing of our nation’s coffers in bribes. This bribery is not right and it’s wrong and must stop! And must stop now!

We don’t want a repeat of it again, just because it happened in the past and we accepted it or did nothing against it!!!
By Yanks Dabo

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