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Former National Assembly Member Urged Voters to Vote against NPP Candidates 

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Omar Ceesay, Former National Assembly Member for Niamina East 

By Fatou Sillah 

The former National Assembly member for the Niamina East constituency, Hon. Omar Ceesay has called on voters around the country to vote against NPP candidates in the upcoming local government elections.

“The elected and appointed authorities from the NPP in the space of political leadership is more than enough for their capability and proficiency to be proven to the electorates. These political authorities disregarded the national blueprint after they had almost failed in all the priority sectors. Give them NO chance again,” He Urge 

Omar Ceesay Added that the Forthcoming local government elections should be an opportunity for the electorate to choose their leaders wisely.

“The forthcoming local government election should be an opportunity for the electorates to demonstrate to the political leadership that Gambians are sick and tired of the excuses and manipulations within the governance system. Nation-building is not a game for one to play anyhow.”

Mr. Ceesay further encourage voters to be cautious about the candidates they will be voting for 

“I will encourage voters to be cautious of the candidates they will vote for. Because the more NPP authorities we have in the space of political leadership, the more fragile our public institutions will become considering the president who is not wise in leadership, not brilliant in words, not merciful to the poor, and lacks the political will to do what is expected of him to salvage The Gambia,” He concludes.

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