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Elections in 2019 is unrealistic—Mai Fatty


The 3 years is no longer realistic, said Mai Ahmed Fatty on Sunday


Mai Ahmed Fatty

Mai Ahmed Fatty, the leader of the Gambia Moral Congress, has told journalist on Sunday that his party agrees to the completion of the five-year constitutional mandate for the president.

Gambian leader Adama Barrow and his coalition partners have campaigned on the promises of 3-year transitional mandate. However, the Gambian leader now said he will complete the 5-year mandate, violating the agreement.

The Peoples’ Democratic Organization for Independence and Socialism and the United Democratic Party disagreed with the President’s position.

Mai told journalists at the Banjul International Airport that the GMC would have loved the President to honour his agreement. However, he said it would be unrealistic to conduct elections in 2019.

“For us, having elections in 2019 is not realistic. One, we have the same constitution that Jammeh left with us and this constitution is heavily skewed in favour of the incumbent. Simple majority, you are gone through. And it is now a prevailing trend in the world to have absolute majority,” said Fatty.

“That is why it is essential we reform the laws… Secondly, we need to change the electoral laws. There are too many distortions in our electoral laws and unless we sanitise our electoral laws, we will have something similar to what we have with Jammeh. So, we are supporting the 5 years for these reasons.”

Mai was returning from a European tour during which he visited Germany, Spain and France.

The purpose of this trip is to engage diaspora on GMC’s enduring values and to share our message of inclusivity and development to our countrymen around the world,” said Fatty. Fatty was the Coalition first Interior Minister but he was fired for reasons unexplained publicly. He took another job at the presidency as the President senior adviser but resigned few months later.

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