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ECOWAS engages a consortium of firms to provide Technical and Financial Assistance to off-grid solar PV companies and financial institutions in the 19 project countries

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Implementation of the ROGEAPProject:  ECOWAS engages a consortium offirms to provide Technical and Financial Assistance to companies in the off-grid solar PV sector and financial institutions in the 19 project countries. 

As part of the implementation of the Regional Off-Grid Electricity Access Project (ROGEAP), the TSC Global/Intech-GOPA/AFC/BB and Co group officially signed a contract on Tuesday, August 1st 2023 in Abuja (Nigeria) as “Project Fund Manager (PFM) of the ROGEAP project”. The service contract signing ceremony took place in the presence of Mr. Amara S. SACKOR, CEO/ P resident of TSC GLOBAL and   representing the group and Commissioner  Sédiko DOUKA  in charge of Infrastructure, Energy  and Digitalization of ECOWAS and  Chairman of the Steering Committee of the ROGEAP Project.

Following a procurement process in accordance with the donor’s procedures, the TSCGlobal/Intech-GOPA/AFC/BB and Consortiumwas retained by the ECOWAS Commission as ROGEAP Fund Manager to provide assistance. Technical and Financial support to the private sector but also to commercial banks and microfinance institutions in the countries covered by the project in support of the Project Management Unit (PMU) based in Abuja and within BOAD in Lomé. 

Comprised of several companies specializing in financial support and management of environmental and social risks to autonomous companies in the solar energy sector, the ROGEAP Project  Fund Manager (PFM  ) is primarily responsible for supporting ECOWAS in implement at the project level:  Sub-component A ( b)  : support to regional ecosystem development for sustainable off-grid industry growth,  Sub-component  A (c)  : information sharing on the market and trade facilitation between stakeholders,  sub-component  A (d)): increasing regional demand through consumer awareness and promotion campaigns and   sub-component  A (e)  : removing supply-side constraints through building the capacity of commercial financial institutions and other relevant stakeholders .

The ”  ROGEAP Project Fund Manager  ” will also intervene in the implementation of  sub-component  1-B  : technical support for capacity building of enterprises characterized by differentiated support throughout the life cycle of enterprise development (start-up, early stage, growth and maturity ),  sub- component  1-C  : financial support to enterprises which will result in a  catalytic grant  intended to support a critical mass of entrepreneurs in the development of solar products, business models, etc. and  the  1-D subcomponent : removal of barriers for difficult markets through two types of subsidies namely the market entry subsidy and the performance-based subsidy.

Also present at the signing ceremony of the contract, Mr. EL hadji SYLLA, Principal Advisor and Coordinator of ROGEAP, the Executive Assistant to the Commissioner of Infrastructure, Energy and Digitalization and the associate members / experts of the PFM.

As a reminder, ROGEAP was initiated in 2017 under the name of Regional Off-Grid Electrification Project (ROGEP), then restructured and relaunched in November 2020 by ECOWAS and its Technical and Financial Partners under its current name of “Regional Off-Grid Electrification Project “. access to off-grid electricity (ROGEAP). »

It aims to increase access to sustainable electricity services in the fifteen ECOWAS member countries and four other countries in sub-Saharan Africa (Mauritania, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Chad) for households, commercial enterprises, public infrastructure health, education and community by isolated solar systems and all, according to a harmonized regional approach. The project is administered by a Steering Committee composed of Representatives of the ECOWAS Commission, BOAD and the World Bank.

Worth 338.7 million USD, the project is financed by the World Bank, the Clean Technology Fund (CTF) and the Dutch Cooperation (DGIS). The ECOWAS Commission, the Regional Center for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) and the West African Development Bank (BOAD) are responsible for implementing the project respectively for the development component of a regional market and access to finance for isolated solar systems.

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