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Dou Sannoh Predicts Smooth Sailing For Barrow With Darboe As UDP Candidate

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Dou Sannoh, Political Adviser To President Adama Barrow

By Buba Gagigo

Dou Sannoh, Political Adviser to President Adama Barrow, expressed confidence that President Barrow and his National People’s Party (NPP) would have a smooth path if the UDP chooses Lawyer Ousainu Darboe as their 2026 presidential candidate.

During an interview with Kerr Fatou, the UDP Leader refrained from commenting on his participation in the 2026 presidential election, leaving the question of whether he will run or support others unanswered. However, the United Democratic Party’s campaign manager, Momodou Sabally, recently stated that the party will nominate Lawyer Ousainu Darboe for the 2026 election.

In a conversation with Kerr Fatou on Monday, Dou Sannoh, Political Adviser to President Adama Barrow, acknowledged Sabally’s statement, emphasizing that Sabally had received the UDP leader’s endorsement for the Campaign Manager position over Karafa Sonko.

“Momodou Sabally should articulate this viewpoint; otherwise, it could be seen as a betrayal of Ousainou Darboe. Karafa Sonko endured hardship to secure Sabally’s position with Darboe’s support. Consequently, Sabally will consistently support Ousainu and is unlikely to consider any other capable individual for UDP leadership. However, it’s evident to anyone in the Gambia or UDP that when someone has unsuccessfully contested five times, an evaluation of the candidate and the endorsers is warranted. Sabally’s stance that Ousainou Darboe should be their Flag Bearer is valid, as Darboe also supported him, with the understanding that Sabally would reciprocate in moments like these,” he said.

President Barrow’s Political Adviser conveyed that both President Adama Barrow and himself would be delighted if the UDP were to choose Lawyer Ousainu Darboe as their candidate for the 2026 election.

“I would be delighted, and President Barrow would share the same sentiment if UDP were to reintroduce the same wrestler into the political arena in 2026. This would make the upcoming election all the more intriguing. Such a scenario would signify that UDP is, in a way, facilitating our political journey. It would be advantageous for us since the wrestler we defeated in 2021 is returning, and we’ve gained more influence. This would make the political contest relatively straightforward for us, especially if Ousainu Darboe returns as their Flag Bearer. I personally welcomed Sabally’s statement endorsing Ousainu Darboe as their Flag Bearer because it would make the contest even easier.” he said.

Dou Sannoh also implored the leader of the United Democratic Party to be understanding if UDP were to choose a different candidate;

“Ousainu should understand that if UDP were to choose a different candidate, it’s because change is the only constant, and you, Darboe, have faced defeat five times. Personally, I witnessed this, and I’m aware that many UDP members are growing weary of the situation. Even if it hasn’t been explicitly communicated to you, it’s important to acknowledge the presence of educated young members within UDP, as you yourself have mentioned. Consider allowing the younger generation a chance before potentially causing disruption.

“Barrow’s car is currently without brakes, and he will collide with anyone who stands in his way. However, his car is a peaceful one, and it contains many resources that can be used to develop the country. I urge everyone to get on board his car; I would not advise anyone to stand in front of a vehicle without brakes. He has given us democracy and brought progress to all corners of the country,” he said.

The United Democratic Party (UDP) has not yet designated its presidential candidate for the 2026 election, but speculations suggest that several individuals, including Talib Ahmed Bensouda, Mayor of the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC), Rohey Malick Lowe, Mayor of the Banjul City Council (BCC), Lamin Sanneh, and Yankuba Darboe, have expressed interest in leading the party.

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