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‘Day of Koro’s murder, Yankuba had burns on his uniform’

Ensa Mendy, a former orderly to Yankuba Touray

Ensa Mendy, a former bodyguard to former Junta member Yankuba Touray has confessed to participating in the killing of two soldiers at Fajara Barracks on the orders of Sanna Sabally.

Ensa Mendy, a former orderly to Yankuba Touray

According to his testimony, following the July 1994 military takeover, Ensa Mendy was assigned as an orderly to former junta member Yankuba Touray.

Touray at the time was the Minister for Local Government and Land. But like all junta members, while he was a minister, he was also a soldier.

He said on November 10 while he was an orderly to Touray, they got word that a coup was being planned. In the midst of that chaotic moment, they went to the State Hosue with their bosses, Council Members.

There, they have found Almamo Manneh who would talk to the junior soldiers as Council Members go to see Chairman Yahya Jammeh.

“We were given brand new weapons. They were the modified AK47s with a grenade launcher. We were also given a grenade belt,” said Mendy.

After the brief meeting between the Council Members and Jammeh, they left for Yundum Barracks.

There, Abdoulie Faal commonly call Dot Faal and Basiru Barrow were arrested upon arrival at the barracks. The two were beaten mercilessly and locked on orders of Sanna Sabally.

Mendy said after capturing the two soldiers, they later headed for Fajara where they have captured some soldiers too. There was where he participated in execution.

Both Ensa Mendy and John Charles Mendy have made a similar account that the soldiers were lined up and shot at on the orders of Sanna. And both of them have admitted firing. Both of them also said two people died there.

However, according to JCB Mendy the two who died at Fajara were Dot Faal and Basiru Barrow. Whereas, Ensa claimed he could not recognized the soldiers killed.

Apart from this incident, Ensa denied involvement in any other though he witnessed them.

Death of Koro

Meanwhile, Ensa has also testified about the death of Koro Ceesay, country’s former finance minister who was reportedly killed at Yunkuba Touray’s house.

Ensa denied any involvement in the act. He claimed he was part of the patrol team ordered by Touray for the guards at his residence and his orderlies.

According to Amadou Jangum, former commander of guards at Touray’s residence, Ensa was never part of their patrol. But Ensa said he was.

The patrol team was told that they were looking for a boat full of guns that was to land at the sea shore around Fajara.

Ensa said they never found any boat when they were back, they found a messy house and a nervous Yankuba. He said Yankuba had burns on his uniform.

“There was mud all over and I saw two burn marks on his uniform,” he said. Ensa said that was unusual for a minister of state, suggesting he may have been involved in Koro’s death.

The former finance minister was found dumped in his wreck car, with burns all over in 1995. Various testimonies including Alagie Kanyi’s have indicated that Koro was killed at Yankuba’s residence.

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