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CPPCC Spokesperson Reveals Chinese Government’s Job Creation of 12.44 Million in 2023

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Liu Jieyi, the spokesperson of the 14th CPPCC National Committee 

By Fatou Sillah 

The spokesperson of the 14th CPPCC National Committee, Liu Jieyi, announced that the Chinese Government had created 12.44 million new jobs in 2023, in a press conference before the Two Sessions.

He said that the CPPCC Central Committee and the State Council had prioritized employment and taken various actions to stabilize and expand the job market, especially for young people and fresh graduates.

“Employment matters to everyone, employment of the young people, especially the fresh graduates, is of great interest to the people. The CPPCC Central committee and the state council have put employment front and centre and have taken a host of specific steps, the various localities and departments have taken multiple measures to stabilize  and expand the job market. 

“In 2023, funding provided by the governments at all levels to directly support jobs and startups exceeded 300 billion yuans targeted measures were taken to support Jobs for college graduates and other residents leaving in difficulties. All together, 12.44 million new other jobs were added last year. This is a heart warm results, and it also laid a solid foundation for providing sound policies in support of employment and sustaining the good momentum in the Job market,” He said

He also said that the CPPCC members and relevant departments had conducted in-depth research on promoting high-quality employment, and proposed targeted suggestions for improving the job market.

“The National community has worked to help stabilize and promote employment. The CPPCC members and relevant departments conducted in-depth research on promoting high quality employment, analyse trends in the Job market and put forward targeted proposals for promoting Jobs and entrepreneurship for college graduates, strengthening institutions, safeguard for flexible employment, exploring Job creation to digital economy and fostering a more equal job market,” He said. 

He added that 91 proposals had been made to address the difficulties faced by both the jobseekers and the employers, and many of them had been adopted as policies by the party and government bodies.

“91 proposals have been made, a lot of which were adopted as policies by party and government bodies to resolve problems on the grounds, Regarding the difficulties facing both the fresh graduates and the employers targeted proposals for an interconnected mechanism between universities and industries to help university graduates find jobs were put forward and adopted by competent authorities, contributing to the implementation of relevant policies,” He said.

He also said that some CPPCC members had participated in the program of serving the people, and brought their businesses to the campus to provide guidance, career planning, internships, and job opportunities for the students, based on the needs of the companies.

 “Through the program of serving the people, some CPPCC members have engaged in the initiative to bring their businesses to the campus and help the students with counselling and career planning and provided internships and job opportunities for the students base on the needs of the companies contributing to the implementation of employment policies. 

“In response to structural difficulties in both job seeking and hiring both such as the shortage of skills workers, the CPPCC members have worked with representatives of relevant sectors and departments on subjects including setting up an intensive mechanism for workers with innovative skills, held consecutive seminars and offer recommendations for improving institutions mechanisms for skills talents, enhance training, of such talents enforcing the theatre system of vocational skills and fostering high standard vocational education system,” He noted.

He said that in 2024, the National Committee would take further steps to stabilize and expand employment, such as conducting research on improving the system to support the stable employment of college graduates, and having consultations on improving the lifelong vocational skills training system to solve the structural problems in the job market.

“In 2024 the National Committee will take further steps on stabilizing and expanding employment, for example, we will conduct research on improving the system in support of stable employment of college graduates. And have consultations on improving the live long vocational skills training system to resolve structural job issues that’s contributing our share to implementing the employment policy improving people’s well-being,” he said.

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