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Busura Postpones Planned Attack Following Meeting With Police Commissioner

Alieu K. Faye
Alkalo of Busura,

By Buba Gagigo

Busura village has postponed the attack it planned against Talokoto village, after meeting with Pateh Jallow, Police Commissioner, West Coast Region .

Allkalo of the Kombo Central village on Monday gave this update to this reporter, after they threatened to launch an attack on the residents of the neighbouring village over land conflict.

“It’s the police commissioner who invited us to a meeting? We have discussed with him and told him all our problems. However, he still pleads with us to follow the law that we have been following for the past seven years. It was a push and pull with us. But, Alhamdullah (thank God)! We have agreed on terms. We previously said three weeks, but the commissioner is not happy with that. He now pleads with us to give him some time, until after Ramadan, because he said he was not aware of the case. But he did not give us a date after Ramadan. 

“He (Commissioner Jallow) said if he knows that he cannot do anything in the case, he will come to Busura and tell us; and promised to make sure the injunction that was served will be respected and no one will build anything there. We told him we will go back and talk to our people and we believe the whole of Busura village will accept it,” the Alkalo of Busura, Alieu K. Faye, told reporters after the meeting.

Meanwhile, an elder, Malanding Sanneh, also part of the Busura delegation at the meeting said, prior to the meeting, they have never seen Commissioner Jallow throughout their problem; therefore, they accepted his plea to calm down in the interest of peace. 

“We all want to maintain peace,” Sanneh said.

At a press conference on Friday, Busura village in Kombo Central threatened to attack neighbouring village, Talokoto, if the government does not act, in three weeks. Residents of Busura village accused their neighbours of selling their land illegally.

However, in her response, the Alkalo of Talokoto village, Olimatou Colley denied the allegation her neighbours levelled against her village.

She added that the matter is in court and yet to be decided, contrary to the claim by Busura that they have in their possession, a court judgement confirming their ownership of the land in question.

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