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Barrow Expresses Openness to Engage in Discussions with the Opposition

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President Adama Barrow speaking at the press conference at state house in Banjul.

By Buba Gagigo

In the aftermath of the recently concluded Meet The People Tour, President Adama Barrow conveyed his earnest willingness to engage in discussions with the opposition, emphasizing the collective responsibility for the development of the nation.

Addressing the media during a press conference, President Barrow underscored his commitment to fostering unity and collaboration for the greater good of The Gambia. He stated, “I am very serious about this call. I think I am more than willing to sit down with the opposition and discuss the development of this country. Because I believe that this country belongs to all of us, whether you are in the opposition or in the ruling party, the most important thing is that we are all Gambians, and if we are Gambians, we are all working towards the development of this country. 

Highlighting the inclusive nature of national projects, the president emphasized, “So, I think as a head of state, it should be my responsibility, and it should be part of my principles, to listen to all Gambians. By listening to all Gambians, you will learn in the process, and it will help you in doing your job because the job you are doing is for the entire Gambian people, and in the projects we are doing, we are not distinguishing who is opposition and who is government. When we build roads, it’s all Gambians that use the road.”

He went on to stress that prioritizing the country’s development is his chief concern, remarking, “And it’s my responsibility to make sure this country moves forward. And as I said, things cannot be as they used to be. We are in the 21st century now. The world has moved on, and Gambia has to move on. So that’s why it’s a basic principle in a democratic environment that you listen to all sides.”

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