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Bai Sankareh Calls for President Barrow’s Expulsion From NPP

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Bai Sankareh, a strong supporter of the NPP

By Buba Gagigo

Bai Sankareh, a staunch supporter of the National People’s Party (NPP), has urged his party to expel their Secretary General and Party Leader, President Adama Barrow, from their ranks.

Sankareh conveyed that he had previously cautioned President Barrow about the significance of the Judiciary and security in The Gambia, emphasizing that neglecting these aspects could jeopardize his government. He argued that both the Judiciary and the security apparatus are no longer under President Barrow’s control.

Citing concerns about the inefficiencies within the police and judiciary, Sankareh remarked that the police and judiciary have numerous sections, creating dysfunction.

” The police force is divided into numerous sections, and any organization with too many divisions is ineffective. The same holds true for the judiciary and political advisors. Let’s be honest with each other. President Barrow, in my opinion, is not genuinely a president today because even a governor currently holds more power than he does. Why hasn’t the Judiciary acted on the TRRC’s November 11th recommendations? Alagie Borra was only detained for six days, and weekends should not be counted. They should investigate the time he was arrested because judges don’t work on weekends,” Bai Sankareh said.

Expressing his lack of surprise at the compensation awarded to Comedian Alagie Borra, Sankareh pointed out the presence of killers walking free in the country. He advised NPP supporters to be cautious with their allegiance, asserting that President Barrow is not functioning as a president but rather as a governor.

“Those who have committed murder continue to roam free in this country. Therefore, it is unsurprising that Alagie Borra has been compensated with D500,000. I urge all NPP supporters to exercise caution in their speeches. No one should place their trust in Adama Barrow, as he is no longer the president. Instead, I will refer to him as the governor. As Commander in Chief, he holds the power to appoint the Judiciary, magistrates, Justice Minister, and Attorney General. What is Hassan B. Jallow’s role in this situation?” He asked.

Sankareh recommended President Barrow’s resignation as NPP Secretary General to spare him embarrassment, suggesting the appointment of a new Secretary General and Party Leader.

“President Barrow should step down as NPP Secretary General to avoid further embarrassment. He is not the sole owner of the NPP. We should appoint a new leader to confront these challenges. I have long advocated for expelling President Barrow from our party. Failure to do so will result in continued suffering and disgrace,” he declared.

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