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Alagie S. Jaiteh Confirms Interest In Kuntaur Area Council Chairmanship

Alagie S. Jaiteh
Prominent UDP supporter

By Buba Gagigo

A prominent UDP supporter Alagie S. Jaiteh has confirmed his interest to run for Kuntaur Area Council Chairmanship in the Central River Region (CRR) under the United Democratic Party (UDP) ticket.

“I have an interest to contest for Kuntaur Area Council chairmanship under the ticket of my Party (UDP) if selected. I believe I have all the qualifications to contest for that position and I also believe that I am a winning candidate,” he told Kerr Fatou on Tuesday.

Alagie S. Jaiteh,  a native of Kuntaur Jakaba in the CRR North, is an Electrical and Electronic Engineer who  graduated from Chamen Institute in 2005, and worked at West Coast Radio from 2005-2007. 

He worked at GRTS as a studio technician, from April 2007-2015 August, before he studied Animation and Multimedia (Bachelor’s Degree) from 2015- 2018 in India. 

Whilst in India he was selected by one university and a college to be their representative in Gambia from 2019 to date. 

Mr Jaiteh also worked at UDP Multimedia unit as a custodian to all the official equipment.

Although Alagie has expressed his interest to run for the position under the United Democratic Party, the party is yet to endorse his bid. 

Saihou Jawara is the current chair of  Kuntaur Area Council who was elected under the Gambia Democratic Congress in 2018, but later resigned and switched allegiance to the National People’s Party.

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