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A notice to the general public by Food Safety authorities


This is to seek the full collaboration of the general public in the discharge of our mandate as custodians of food safety and quality matters in The Gambia.

Of course, there is no gain saying that; the desired results would be attained in executing our functions, without the full cooperation of the public.

Therefore, it is very imperative to chart collaborative efforts with the general public, to among other things: share information about a number of non compliant practices by food sellers in many parts of the country.

This we believe is the way forward to curbing certain misconducts in relation to food production and processing.

The public should also be reminded that; our hardworking inspectors have been relentlessly conducting routine inspections of food establishments time and again, and will be doing just that, to rid any form of unwholesome food production or sale.

During the course of our inspections, we have greatly helped to improve the standards and services of many food businesses; by the same token, we have taken legal actions and enforced corrective measures on many more, to improve their compliance to the safety and quality Act 2011, standards and regulations.

However, we hope to do better, if we work together in this and many aspects.

FSQA shall remain vigilant over any other food issue to ensure improved service deliveries in our markets.

FSQA can be contacted on 4466797 or on Facebook: The Food Safety and Quality Authority of The Gambia, E-mail: or, better still; you can visit us at our main office in Kotu East, for the public to share more information with us.



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