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60 Gambian Coaches Complete CAF C Licence Course

GFF Executive & Coaching Course participants



By Landing Ceesay

Sixty (60) Gambian Coaches from both the Gambia Football Federation (GFF) Division one and two male and female leagues completed CAF C Licence Coaching Course.

The CAF C Licence training started at the beginning of the year in two batches; and participants were all issued certificates at the end of the course.

The 2nd Vice President of the Gambia Football Federation Ebou Faye said Gambian Coaches should not only develop themselves technically but their communications skills for the job market.

“A coach must have developed good communication skills. You [referring to the coaches] have to communicate clearly to your players, to your management and most importantly to the media. The way our football is going, you are not communicating only to this country. You are communicating internationally, you have to learn to speak good English, develop yourself the way you are developing yourself technically, and how to manage your players is the way you should develop how to communicate with the media; because media is a must that you have to communicate to and the media will have to interview you,” Ebou Faye GFF 2nd Vice President advised the participants.

Meanwhile, Suwareh Faye, President of the Gambia Coaches Association while addressing the 60 C Licence holders said capacity building for members is one of the priorities of his Association.

He hailed the participants for their commitment during the course and urged them to celebrate the moment.

“You the coaches attended this training; you have left everything to make it possible. Today is the day you should celebrate because you have been working tirelessly for two weeks from 8 am to 6 pm and I think today it needs to be celebrated.

He then urged the participants to work hard for a successful coaching career, citing for example Jane Joof the winner of the GFF male 1st Division One 2021.

“My final advice to you is that, go out and work hard. As coaches, if you work the way you should, my friend at the end of the day you will be crowned the King as Jane Joof is the crowned King [of GFF male 1st Division One 2021]. It’s not all about talking, it’s all about hard work and you can see the demonstration of Jane Joof. He [Jane] has just finished up the league as a champion and he is now preparing for the club championship that shows his vision,” Mr Faye stated.

Since January 2009 to date, the Confederation of African Football [CAF] launched one of its most important programmes with the much-awaited CAF Coaching Licensing System.  

The programme seeks to set and promote benchmarks regarding coaching on the continent and help to recognize African coaches for their knowledge and experience.

The CAF coaching level ranges from A to D Licence, with A Licence being the highest followed by B, C and D being the lowest level.

The 60 Gambian Coaches received their certificates on Saturday of August 2021 at the FIFA Goal Project in Yundum.

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