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‘3Years-Jotna’ PRO Discloses Former IGP Threatened Them Of Conviction

Haji Sawaneh
PRO 3 Years Jotna


By Buba Gagigo

The Public Relations Officer of “3 Years Jotna” disclosed that former police chief Mamour Jobe [now late] threatened his group of conviction if they go out to protest even with a protest permit.

“They [police] have their own plans. The late [Inspector General of police] IGP Mamour Jobe, may his soul rest in peace, told us we will be convicted, if we go out. He said they can give us a permit but they will convict us when we go out,” Hagie Suwaneh disclosed on ‘The Brunch’ Kerr Fatou on Saturday while reacting to the withdrawal of the criminal case instituted by the state against them at the High Court relating to their protest in 2020.  

However, despite the purported threat of conviction, no member of the group was convicted in the two withdrawn trials.

On 26th January 2020, acting upon a permit, the group protested against President Barrow’s decision to stay for 5 year, thereby reneging on Coalition 2016 campaign promise that its candidate upon victory, will only lead a three-year transition period and resign. The protest turned violent and leaders of the group were held responsible. Then criminal charges were instituted against them. The charges were initially withdrawn and court discharged them only to be rearrested and the same charges were reinstituted against them by the State after initially withdrawing them before this second withdrawal.

The question which many still ask is, will the state reinstate the charges against them in future?

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