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3 Years Jotna PRO: We Feel Insecure Despite The State Withdrawing Our Case

Members of the 3 Years Jotna

By: Landing Ceesay

Haji Suwaneh, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the group dubbed “3years Jotna”, has expressed concern over the security of the group members despite the state withdrawing their case from the High Court earlier Tuesday.

“We feel very much insecure right now, the state might come back again and arrest us because the Attorney General has the power to apply for the nullification of the pardon, like he did in March in which we were re-arrested and arraigned before the High Court,” Mr. Suwaneh stated.

He said the reason for the state’s withdrawal of their case is not based on humanitarian grounds as claimed in the press release; but the state have no case against them.

“We know that since at the initial stage, the state has no case to prosecute us. And we know that they didn’t withdraw our case based on humanitarian grounds as they claim in their press release. They did this because they have no case against, they did this because they know that the judiciary will not allow them to remote control them,” PRO said.

Suwareh credited the development to the judiciary.

What we realize is that our judiciary cannot compromise their integrity. The state knows that they cannot remote control the judiciary. They cannot influence the work of the judiciary. So, the only thing they (the state) can do is to come up with a tactic that can infringe our rights. Because they know that we cannot sue them for compensation that’s why they withdraw our case,” he observed.

PRO Suwaneh made these remarks in an interview with Kerr Fatou earlier today, shortly after the Attorney General and Minister of Justice took the decision to withdraw the criminal proceedings against the executive of the “3years Jotna” who charged with various offences under the criminal code in respect to the 26th January 2020 December protest which sough President Barrow to respect the 3 years transition period sold to Gambian during the 2016 presidential election campaign by the coalition.

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